Board Members & Coaches


Rich Trenholm (President)

Rich Trenholm


Rich is one of the co-founders of TriMuskoka, but his triathlon career has been a short one.  Prior to moving to Huntsville, he had never heard of the sport of triathlon, but had always been active in the three elements on their own.  Given the fact that he was never very good at any of the three of the sports individually, he has found a bit more success when putting the three sports together.  Other than The TriMuskokan, his favourite race is the Montreal Esprit Triathlon, as it is flat and fast and the bike is on the Formula One race track!  He enjoys the Monday night swims, but his favourite workouts are the Wednesday Night Time Trial Bikes.  If you run into him, you can talk to him about anything triathlon or sports injuries as he is also a Sports Medicine Physician.  Be careful not to look him in the eye as he is well known for invoking the sense of enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon.  “What your mind can conceive and your heart can believe, your body can achieve” is one of his favourite motivational quotes.  Be somebody nobody thought you could be!

 Rich Trenholm is the President of TriMuskoka.  He is cycling on the Ironman World Championship Bike Course
Lindsay Bishop

Lindsay Bishop

Vice President

Lindsay started her triathlon journey three years ago when she and some of her family members decided to sign up for the Port Sydney Kids Triathlon.   She got hooked from the get go as she found that it challenged her to exceed her own expectations, challenged her physically and mentally in new and exciting ways, and most of all she loves the friendly and supportive atmosphere that triathlons offer.  Over the last couple of years, she has had the chance to participate in many races, and has settled on the Montreal Esprit race course as one of her favorites (where you get to bike on the Montreal Formula 1 race track!).  Self proclaiming that she is not an “expert at all”, she loves to motivate people to give the sport a try, as the sport, for most, is all about personal achievements.  The best thing that she likes about the TriMuskoka Triathlon club is the number of amazing friends that she has made, and the inspiring people that she would have never made had she not become involved in the club.  Being a part of the club, she has learned a lot about herself, and have had others push her to try things that she would have never done before.

Lindsay Bishop (Vice President) tearing up the track at the Montreal Esprit Triathlon
Kelly Musters (Chair)

Kelly Musters


Kelly’s interest in the sport of triathlon started in 2013 when she moved to the area and found out about TriMuskoka.  Over the next year, she worked up the courage to do her first triathlon in 2014 at the Port Sydney Kids Triathlon (which is a great race to “get your feet wet” and jump into the sport in a supportive environment).  Since then she has been hooked!   Since then, she has done a number of races, but her favorite is The TriMuskokan not only because it is on her home turf, but it is a fun and energetic event atmosphere, a challenging and beautiful course, and amazing volunteers.

She loves the sport of triathlon because it challenges her and gives her the confidence to step outside of her comfort zone and push herself to do things she didn’t think she was capable of doing.  Kelly loves the thrill she gets each time she finishes each leg of a triathlon, and when she crosses the finish line!  Triathlon, for her, has endless mental benefits along with physical benefits.   Her favorite part of triathlon is the run, so ask her anything about the run as this is her strength.  She loves to hear about other people’s successes and struggling.

The best thing about the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club for her are the members that make up the club.  She is greatful to live in a community which has a triathlon club that is so supportive and encouraging of each other.  She also loves the top notched workouts that are led by a very experienced coaching staff.  Without the club, she is not sure she would have worked up the courage to “tri” the sport.  Having the support and encouragement of the coaches and her extended “tri family” has really helped her fully embrace the sport, to train with likeminded and supportive individuals at workouts that are fun and push each member a little outside of their comfort zone, and for her, these make TriMuskoka a really great club where she has met so many wonderful people by being a part of it all.

 Kelly Musters TriMuskoka Chair
Mark Sinnige Headshot

Mark Sinnige


Mark started doing triathlon here in Muskoka at the 1997 rendition of the long course at the Muskoka Chase where he was the swimmer for the relay.  That was back in the day when the transition zone was up at the Lions Lookout Track.  He remembers the feeling of being super pumped after the event, and wanted to keep doing triathlons.  He caught the bug and has been racing since that day.  He has always been partial to the Bala Falls Triathlon since he has been a regular participant there since the first year of the event, and it is a course that made him dig a little deeper than other races.  He had a great surprise in 2015 at the Bracebridge Triathlon when he won the race!

For him, the sport of triathlon and our club is all about support, the big sense of family with a great bunch of people training in our area which is rich in triathlon history and a phenomenal training ground that provides everyone a challenge.

Mark has served on our board for a number of years as the Treasurer, been involved in the planning for Ironman Muskoka and Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, and likes to contribute to a sport that is a big part of our community.

Musoka Mag
Deanna Lavigne

Deanna Lavigne


Deanna’s first race was the Port Sydney kids tri in 2004, then she just kept tri-ing from there, all the way to the ironman in 2015.  She has raced all distances including our old long course.  Deanna loved the Ironman but all races are fun especially the TriMuskokan!  Some of the best things about the TriMuskokan was talking  to the volunteers and other racers along the way.  In her own words, she “never take it too seriously that I can’t thank everyone I see who makes the race possible or cheer on other competitors.”

Deanna volunteer at races, am secretary for the club, and am helping  with non race infrastructure for the TriMuskokan. She really enjoys volunteering and think the volunteer jobs are usually harder than doing the race itself. It’s fun to cheer and encourage newbies.

The best thing about our club is the motivation everyone gives each other to “tri” and get out there.   She also love combining sports and getting to play outside, including skiing, ice skating, and snow shoeing.

deanna lavigne race
Jessica Adam Headshot

Jessica Adam

Training Director

Jess starting doing triathlons in 1997, with her first being a Try-a-Tri in Harrison Hot Springs (BC) placing first for women which instantly gave her the “bug”.  She worked her way up through the ranks as a competitive age grouper racing in over 60 triathlons and many running and cycling races along the way. She has competed in all distances but her crowing moment (and favorite race) was the World Championships in Vancouver in 2008.  Jessica has competed for Canada in three other World Championship events and numerous National Championships. She loves the sport of triathlon because of the incredible challenge it offers and the camaraderie that the sport brings when training and racing with others.

Coaching background:

Jess has been a triathlon club coach in both cities of Vancouver and Victoria and now for TriMuskoka here in Huntsville where she coaches on site swim, bike, and run workouts. She enjoys sharing her nearly 20 years of experience with aspiring triathletes offering custom training programs through LifeSport coaching . Over the years, she has collaborated on training projects and clinics with several top coaches, including Lance Watson and Paul Regensburg also of LifeSport coaching. She has been an article contributor to Triathlon Canada magazine and Triathlon Canada magazine online. Jessica has a high level of technical expertise and a positive, can-do attitude about training and racing. She coaches all levels for all distances. To complement her coaching repertoire, Jessica is university educated in nutrition and sciences, and is a recipient of the “Langara Faculty Association Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Science”.

Her coaching and training philosophy is that every athlete is an individual, with different needs.  Programs need to be tailored to suit the athlete’s abilities and goals.  My job is to understand what these are, and design a program to guide them to success.  My coaching philosophy will consist of a balance between motivation, instilling the importance of consistency in my athletes, and a strong emphasis on technique and form for efficiency and injury prevention.

Jess Adam Running (TriMuskoka Training Director)

Glenn Vickery

Director of TriMuskoka Events

Glenn was first inspired to do a triathlon when he was swimming with a group of triathletes in Oshawa and they told him about the Muskoka 5150.  He came up and did the swim part of the race for a relay team, and he remembers getting a real buzz about how good the atmosphere was and it inspired him to try the bike portion of the Muskoka 70.3.  This was a huge personal accomplishment for Glenn as it was a big stretch for him. It was a huge personal accomplishment to build up to 90 km and on race day the event was epic. It gave him such a strong sense of team work and he was amazed and inspired by all of the volunteers that were an inspiration and fantastic support.  In 2013 , he was the Bike Captain for the feed stop at Britannia and South Portage for the full Ironman.  Glenn was awe struck at the commitment of the volunteers who went above and beyond to help the athletes.

Witnessing the athletes determination was inspirational.  As for triathlon, he finds that it challenges people on so many levels.  Each discipline requires a special skill set and mental challenge.

Glenn is an incredibly strong swimmer, and organizes a long distance open water swimming event every year that helps our club members and non-members alike push themselves to distances than they previously thought they were able to do.

As the Director of TriMuskoka Events, he loves the way that our events help others push themselves  physically in events that create lasting memories, wanting them to come back for more.    The best thing that he likes about the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is that it gives him his own inspiration.  The camraderie of our club is the driving force that keeps him coming back, and it gives him a true sense of being engaged in our community.  There have been so many members that have helped him integrate himself into the community and inspire him to stretch his own horizons.

Glenn Vickery - Director of TriMuskoka Events
 Jon Morton

Jon Morton

Community Liason Director

Jon started into triathlon in 2005 entering in the Milton Triathlon, which seemed like an easy enough distance to tackle for a first race.  However after walking it in on the run portion, more Google research was required on how to properly train for a triathlon, including figuring out what a ‘brick’ was.  After that he was hooked on the challenge of becoming better, beating previous race times, and trying to get faster.  Jon started into the sport mainly to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and have some form of consistent involvement in sport and competition beyond university.  Since then there have been some years where he has raced a lot, and some not so much.  Recently he made the move to the half and full Ironman distances which has brought new challenges and goals.  He joined TriMuskoka in order to help promote the sport locally and get more people involved as there are both economic benefits for local businesses as well as farther reaching benefits to having a healthy, active community.

The TriMuskoka club is a great group to be a part of whether just getting into the sport or if you have been in the sport for years.  TriMuskoka’s members as a group benefit from support, advice, training partners and camaraderie so that we can all help each other achieve our individual goals and promote active lifestyles in our community,and have fun while doing it.


Erin Roebuk

Director at Large

Erin started doing triathlons in 2013 at the good ole Muskoka Kids Triathlon in Port Sydney.  She didn’t have much, if any, experience and showed up with what she calls her “granny cruiser” bike with some friends at an event that the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club was hosting to help people get familiar with the basic elements of triathlon before the race.  She was green enough that one of our experienced club members rode beside her and advised her when it might be a good idea to change gears.  Since then, she hasn’t looked back and loves the sport of triathlon.

Over the last couple of years, she has done a number of triathlons, mainly short courses, and her favorite is our very own TriMuskokan.  This is her favourite because it is in our hometown, she knows tons of people out there racing as it is a club event, and there is absolutely no competitive pressure for the majority of people doing the race.

For her, the sport of triathlon offers a continual source of personal improvement and achievements through the challenges it offers.  Every race course is different, every day brings different weather, and every race has a different mix of participants which keeps it fresh.  She knows that for most people, the different legs offer a “love/hate” relationship as almost everyone has one leg that they love and one leg they really don’t love as much.  This is why the sport is great…being good in one and not so good in another provides continual room for improvement over the years, and to play to your strengths at events.

For her, the best thing about the TriMuskoka Triathlon club is the fact that it is such a fun and easy way to meet new people with similar interests in wanting to pursue active and healthy lifestyles.  Everyone has new ideas and is super supportive, which makes it easy to keep each other motivated over time.

Catherine Zacal

Catherine Zacal

Director at Large

Catherine started doing triathlons in 1999 at the Barrie Sprint Triathlon.  Over the years, she has progressed through the sport and now loves the longer distance races, particularly the Half Ironman (70.3) distance events.  She loves the sport as a way to reduce her stress as a holistic dentist here in Huntsville as the owner and operator of Centre Street Family Dental.  She finds that the long cardio workouts help her forget about everything going on around her and gets that “Dr. Zacal Smile” on her face.  The best thing that Catherine enjoys about the TriMuskoka Triathlon club are the Monday Night Open Water Swims all summer long.

Leslie Ann Hall

Leslie-Ann Hall

Director at Large, and Communications

Leslie-Ann started her triathlon career about 3 years ago when her brother in law signed her up for the Muskoka Kids Triathlon without her even knowing it!  However, after this, she was hooked on the sport and loved the competitive, but very supportive, environment that exists within the sport.  After a couple of years of racing, she has found a favorite race in the Montreal Esprit triathlon as it takes place in a unique race venue, and the venue is a great one for spectating other people doing the race.  In fact, this is a course that she has her personal best on.

She loves the sport of triathlon for sense of accomplishment it offers her with each event, and gives her a great challenge to see what she can conquer.  She says herself that “I have never been good at sports, but this is something I can do for myself”.

In TriMuskoka, she works hard to represent the members and she knows that she will never be the best at the sport.  However she wants to make sure that our club will always be welcoming, supportive, and helpful for new triathletes regardless of their level of fitness or skill.

Leslie Ann Hall Communications Director
Evelynn Funston - TriMuskoka Membership Coordinator

Evelynn Funston

Membership Coordinator

Evelynn is probably one of the most invaluable members of the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club.  Her passion for the sport, TriMuskoka, and her willingness to support our club in any shape or form, she quickly assumed the role as Lead Kayaker for TriMuskoka’s Monday night open water swim.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate administration, TriMuskoka quickly realized her potential to help out with many other aspects of the club and her volunteer involvement grew from there starting with the TriSummit as the Registration Coordinator.  Her attention to detail and tenacity for perfection in an area where an eye for detail is required in order for things to go smoothly, Evelynn has put in countless volunteer hours with TriMuskoka and is now the Registration Coordinator for all TriMuskoka events, including the TriMuskokan and the Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic.  Most recently, Evelynn recently joined the Board as Membership Coordinator.

As the most non-triathlete member of the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club, what Evelynn likes about the TriMuskoka Triathlon club is the how inclusive the group is, whether you are an athlete or a volunteer.  Also, she says with a smile “I never have to worry about being bored – Rich will find a new task for me”.

Evelynn Funston - Membership Coordinator for TriMuskoka
Jodi Fenton

Jodi Fenton

Clothing Coordinator

Jodi started doing triathlons in 2012 at the Muskoka 5150 as a part of a relay team where she was the swimmer.  She was a competitive swimmer in the past and this has translated well over to this sport for her!  She went on to do a swim/bike event in Woodstock that same year and she hasn’t looked back.  Her favorite race, outside of The TriMuskokan, is the Bala Falls triathlon.

She loves the fact that the sport of triathlon challenges anyone and everyone who puts their mind to taking on the sport.  And those challenges result in a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when you are all done!  Not to mention all of the cheering and support from volunteers, spectators and athletes alike all the way along.

As our Clothing Coordinator, she gets to have fun shopping around for cool gear and brings it back to our club members to keep us stylish and fresh!

The best thing that she likes about the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is all of the great people, and that it feels like a big tri family where everyone is positive and supportive of each other.

jodi fenton race
Kaitlyn Habermehl (Social Coordinator)

Kaitlyn Habermehl

Social Coordinator

Kaitlyn Habermehl joined TriMuskoka in 2016 after participating in triathlon during the latter part of 2015 at her first try-a-tri at the Parry Sound Bobby Orr Hall of Fame triathlon.  This event will go down as the time when the kool-aid was drank and the obsession began.  Having grown up competitively horse back riding for the better part of 25 years and missing the atmosphere, the TriMuskoka club has been a terrific place to grow in sport, gain friends and knowledge and enjoy some competitive goals.  The camaraderie and support of the team, competitive or social is something that is fantastic to be a part of.

As our Social Coordinator, Kaitlyn is in charge of making sure that we have as much fun together away from training, as we do when we are training and racing.   However, in her own words, we don’t need much help in achieving this as we are a pretty fun bunch of people to begin with.  And that is the best thing that she likes about the club.  The members.

kaitlyn habermehl race
 Ray Love_small

Ray Love

TriMuskoka Cup Scorekeeper

Ray is one of the most energetic members of our club, always coming up with new ideas for the club and how to keep members engaged.  He is the founder and scorekeeper for The TriMuskoka Cup, which is an intra-club scoring challenge that gets people out to workouts, come to social events, participate in club designated triathlons and endurance events, and volunteering in our community.  He completed his first triathlon in 2008 at the Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon.  Ray’s favorite races include the North Bay Triathlon and Ironman Steelhead 70.3.  He loves the sport of triathlon for the personal challenge that it offers him, as well as the flashy gear and clothing that you get to use in the sport.  He is a wealth of information about our club, the TriMuskoka Cup, the sport of triathlon, but he will equally just love to sit down and chat to you about the history of the Muskoka area (he has even authored two books on the topic!).   In Ray’s words, the best thing about the club is the variety of people it attracts, from novices to experienced, and they all support each other like a big family.

 ray love