Sunrise Swim for Healthcare


A Little Background History

2112-Huntsville Hospice Swim August 28, 2015-LREx 300dpi_ On August 28th 2015, just before the first, and only, IRONMAN Muskoka, TriMuskoka and Hospice Huntsville hosted a “Sunrise Swim for Hospice”  charity open water swimming event.  We figured if Kona had the Underpants Run, then we would put a Muskoka spin on things and incorporate the incredible beauty of our area, and the access to our incredible waterway system, to good use for a great charitable cause.

This event was an early morning, fully supported 1.6 km casual and non-competitive swim to raise money for Hospice Huntsville.  Swimmers gathered at Camp Kitchen, which now is the location of the swim start of the IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka, and headed off for a warm up swim around Alice Island and back to Camp Kitchen for coffee, tea, and some homemade muffins and goodies.

As this was an incredible event that supported a vital health care service to our community, our club is bringing the Sunrise Swim back again for this years IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka. 

This years charitable partner is the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

The additional bonus is that the Sunrise Swim provides swimmers with a chance to preview the first leg of the swim of the 70.3.  Often in the first leg of the swim, athletes want to get their bearings with respect to landmarks for sighting, strategies on how they are going to approach the initial leg of the swim, and to get comfortable with the surrounding environment.  This is an excellent way to swim this part of the course, with the support of kayaks and boats in a non-competitive fun environment, on the day before the 70.3 Muskoka.  Participants will arrive at the start line the next morning fresh, confident and ready to go!

The Schedule of Events for the Swim on July 7th

The Sunrise Swim for Healthcare will take place on July 7th, 2018 at Camp Kitchen.  This is theexact location of  IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka swim start, which will be taking place 24 hours later.


6:30am 1887-Huntsville Hospice Swim August 28, 2015-LREx 300dpi_Participant check in commences for the swim at Camp Kitchen.  Park at the back of the Canada Summit Centre (click here for the link) near the Active Living Centre (there will be signs) and walk down to Camp Kitchen which is about a 10 minute walk
 7:00am IMG_2237Pre-event announcements will take place at Camp Kitchen.  The 70.3 swim starts at 7am, so you will have the exact amount of lighting that you will have the next morning!
 7:15am 1974-Huntsville Hospice Swim August 28, 2015-LREx 300dpi_Hop in the water and swim the 1.6km course, or any part there of, in predesignated waves.  We just want to spread the swimmers out a bit so that people get back to the coffee dock in a staggered fashion.We think that the dock would sink if everyone came back at the same time!The buoys will be set up in the exact location that the race will be using, so you will literally be swimming on the course.  We have added an additional section where you swim around Alice Island to get to the 1.6km distance.1956-Huntsville Hospice Swim August 28, 2015-LREx 300dpi_Stop at the 2nd buoy and look at where the second turn will be so you can get a landmark to sight off of for the next morning.  Turn around anywhere you want to to head back to the coffee dock and for some tasty home made treats for breakfast!
 7:45am 2050-Huntsville Hospice Swim August 28, 2015-LREx 300dpi_Get back to Camp Kitchen at your pace and swim up to the coffee dock.  Enjoy a cuppa  coffee, and then swim ashore for some tasty homemade baked goods, fruit, and a whole bunch of yummy goodness to fuel you for the race the next day.
 9:00am IMG_2301Get back to everything else that you had planned for the Saturday!  Don’t forget about all of the great fun lined up on Saturday in town, including the Rotary Dockfest and parade, and the IronKids Fun Run!


Here is a map of the swim course.

The Breakfast Buffet

As you can see from the photo below, the “continental” breakfast buffet that we had at the 2015 IRONMAN Muskoka Sunrise Swim was pretty incredible.  There was fruit, muffins, yogurt, juice, cinnamon buns, coffee, and tea all served up by our incredible volunteers.  We have some gluten free options available as well for those with gluten sensitivity.



Registration for The Sunrise Swim for Healthcare

2080-Huntsville Hospice Swim August 28, 2015-LREx 300dpi_Registration for the event is $30, and is open to anyone over the age of 13 years of age regardless of whether or not you are doing the 70.3 the next day.  However, we only have 300 registrations available.

All of the net proceeds go directly to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation, supporting their efforts in helping raise money to bring the most up to date health care equipment to our local hospital.


So, here is how registration works:


We are closing registration on Friday July 6th at noon so that we have enough time to order and make all the food for everyone!

  • Registration for the swim is done through CCN Bikes online registration system.  Click here to go to the Sunrise Swim for Healthcare registration page.
  • There is no registration fee when you regsiter through CCN Bikes.  However, when you get to the cart, you will then click on the button that will take you to Sunrise Swim website.
  • When you get to the Sunrise Swim for Healthcare page, click on the “Donate Now” button and make a charitable donation of $30 to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.
  • To kick it up a notch, you can create a personal fundraising page for the swim, and anyone who raises more than $500 will have their name entered into a draw for one of our incredible prizes.
  • Then voila, you are done!  


About Our Charity: The Huntsville Hospital Foundation

The Huntsville Hospital is supported financially by the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. It is staffed by four professionals and governed by a deeply committed Board of Directors who represent both full time and seasonal residents. Our Vision is Healthcare for life, here. We inspire giving to make that Vision real. To ensure our hospital and medical professionals have the technology and equipment they require to provide exceptional care, we must inspire our community to donate $3,000,000 per year. We achieve it by asking individuals for donations, engaging our local business community, educating community groups and resident organizations and by staging fundraising events.