The TriMuskokan Photo Gallery

Well, they are finally here.  We are sorry it took so long to get the photos to you, but there were over 2500 pictures taken, which meant editing, cropping, loading, and organizing them all.  We have the majority of them up on the site, but there are still some to come.  

The photos are all free for you to download, just right click on the photo and click “Save Photo As…” and it is all yours!  If you are putting it up on social media, make sure you tag us in @triathlonmuskoka for Facebook, @trimuskoka for Instagram and Twitter, and #trimuskokan for the event!

If you have some superb photos that you want to share with everyone, I will add them to the gallery if you send them to me at


The TriMuskokan Pre-Race The TriMuskoka Swim
The TriMuskoka Bike Part 1 The TriMuskoka Bike Part 2
The TriMuskoka Run The TriMuskoka Duathlon
The TriMuskoka Finish The TriMuskoka Awards
The TriMuskokan Clinics