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Be Somebody Nobody Thought You Could Be - TriMuskokan 2017



On June 25th, 2017, whether you are a first timer, or a seasoned triathlete, come take part in the TriMuskokan.  This grassroots homegrown event is an incredible and professionally run community event that focuses on a great experience for everyone!

What you will find on this page:


A Bit Of Background About The TriMuskokan

Resurrection of the early short course has been a priority of our club for the past few years. Several passionate TriMuskoka members have come forth to make this a reality. And so was born “The TriMuskokan”!

The goals of The TriMuskokan are that it is an event that is:

  • As fun as it is competitive
  • A safe environment
  • Highly supportive of the tri-curious
  • Providing an event option for all levels
Sometimes reading and hearing what other people are saying help you take that leap of faith to sign up for your first triathlon, or answer the “is it really worth the drive up to Muskoka” question (we would like to think so!).  Here are some local media reports and podcasts about The TriMuskokan:

Why Participate In The TriMuskokan?

If you have been involved in the sport of triathlon before, you may be well aware of the rich history of triathlon in Muskoka. We have over 12 triathlon events in the region! Traditionally there had been short and long course triathlons, known as “The Chase” in June. Today, we have The TriMuskokan! This is a great way to prepare for the season ahead, and to gauge your fitness level. Not to mention, it gives those that don’t live here in Muskoka an excuse to come to triathlon country!

If you are new to the sport of triathlon or duathlon:

We have designed several elements of The TriMuskokan to provide yourself with a personal challenge in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.  We have pre-race clinics that our club members host to give you the opportunity to ask those burning questions you might have, to see the course, and to actually get in and do the course in a fully supported non-race environment.  The swim is in a river which allows you to swim to the side to take a break should you need to, or hang onto one of the many support kayaks that we have out there on race day if you need a breather.  The bike course is on a road that has a shoulder and, on Sunday morning, traffic generally is light.  The run course is a mix of gravel roads and trails, a rubberized track, and a road that has almost no traffic.  This helps reduce the race day nerves when you get out on the course.  Not to mention the post race festivities and food.  The TriMuskokan is all about celebrating the achievements of each and every participant.

If you are a seasoned athlete:

Even though the focus of The TriMuskokan is for participants to have the best possible event experience in a safe and supported race environment, those of you who have done one or many duathlons or triathlons can take this event as a racing event that will test every element of your athletic ability.  The swim provides you with the chance to navigate a waterway while swimming upstream with varying current strengths at any point in the river, even depending on what side of the river to swim on.  The bike is an out and back course that has a number of uphills that you can hammer up on the way out.  But watch out on the way back…like Newton says, what goes up must come down!  And fast!  The run plays to different athletes strengths and can be the big equalizer.  If you like the flat and fast, there is plenty of that.  However, the hills might be where a strong runner makes up their time.  In the end, this race is anyones game and is one that is always exciting!

If you are doing the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka:

Now that the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka is held on the same course as The TriMuskokan, this is a great “triple brick” opportunity for you to come do some course recon in a race like setting.  Our swim course is the end (and the technical part) of the 70.3, and our bike is the first and last part of the 70.3 bike course.  Given the fact that the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka is 2 weeks out from The TriMuskokan, it is a perfect training opportunity during the taper period….shorter distance with intensity.  Just what coach asked for!

At the end of the day:

It is a destination:  The TriMuskokan event itself is a destination, where the journey of becoming active through multi-sport is the real goal. The goal to leading an active and healthy lifestyle in a sport that supports cross training through strength, swim, bike, and run.

It is an event like no other:  We call it an event, and not a race, because for many it is a celebration.  A culmination of the exercise and training that will bring a personal challenge on the big day.  Sure, you are on the course with a bunch of other people, but really the only person you are racing against is yourself.  So, see the event as just that: a way to challenge yourself to do something new, something exciting, and something that is going to be a lot of fun!

If you would like to connect with others to support you on this journey, connect with our TriMuskoka Triathlon Club or your local triathlon club to help you on your way.

What Are The Events That You Can Participate In?

Whether this is your first triathlon or you are an experienced athlete, The TriMuskokan has something for everyone.  If you have never done a triathlon or a duathlon before, or are just starting out, a nice way to try out an event is through a relay.  These are fun ways to be active with a group of friends…pit one team against another for bragging rights, or for who has to cook the celebratory dinner!  If you don’t like swimming, try the duathlon.  If running is not your thing, try the swim/bike event!

The TriMuskokan event offers:

  • Try-a-Tri (350m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run) powered by Kimberly Clark

    • Individual
      • Male and Female divisions
      • Under 20y, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 64, and 65 plus
  • Short Course Events (750m swim, 30km bike, 7km run) powered by BDO

    • Individual
      • Male and Female divisions
      • Under 20y, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 64, and 65 plus
  • Short Course Swim/Bike Event (750m swim, 30km bike)

    • Male and Female divisions
  • Short Course Triathlon Relay Events (750m swim, 30km bike, 7km run)

    • A relay team is made up of two or three members, with one team member completing one or more legs of the race.
    • Short Course Triathlon Relay: Friends and family members can get together to put a team in where you work together to get to the finish line.  Here are some ideas for you:
      • The “Neighbourly” Challenge: Go knock on a neighbours door and challenge them for bragging rights on the street.  The losing team has to cut your grass the next time or do a household chore for the winning family the week following the race!
      • A “Friendly” Challenge:  Get 6 friends together, put the names in a hat and pull names for the teams.  Figure out who is doing what leg of the race, and the losing team has to cook and do the dishes for winners!
      • Come up with your own challenge…but keep it fun!
    • Corporate Relay ChallengeGrab some of your co-workers and put together a team for bragging rights around the water cooler! This is fun team building event for corporations, businesses and organizations will have teams of three working together as a relay, with one person doing each of  the 750m swim, 30km bike and a 7km run legs.  Challenge your business rivals to a friendly competition for even more bragging rights!
  • Duathlon (2.5km run, 30km bike, and 7km run)

    • Male and Female divisions
  • Special Triathlon Club Challenges

    • These challenges are open to triathlon teams that are registered with Triathlon Ontario
    • Triathlon Club Participation: This challenges triathlon clubs to participate in a team-building exercise. It can also serve as a high intensity training day right in the heart of triathlon country on a scenic and very quiet course.  The club with the most members participating (other than TriMuskoka) takes home the trophy!
    • Championship Team Score: This challenge will take the four best placings in four distinct age/gender categories in the short course.
      • If a team has a 1st place, two 2nd places, and one 4th place, this total score would be 9
      • Lowest team score takes home the trophy!

*Note: There will be no race day entries. Participants must be age 13 by Dec. 31, 2017*


Schedule of Events: (subject to change, but it gives you an idea…)

  • Location: The Trimsukokan takes place at the Canada Summit Centre at 20 Park Drive in Huntsville. Here is a link to the location on Google Maps
  • 7:00 am: Registration opens
  • 7:40 am: Race instructions from our Race Director
  • Wave Start Times
    • Waves will be announced on race morning
    • 8:00 am: The BDO Short Course Triathlon waves start at Camp Kitchen (and corresponding Swim-Bike event)
      • Wave 1 (8:00 am): Males 39 years old and under
      • Wave 2 (8:05 am): Females 39 years old and under
      • Wave 3 (8:10 am): Males 40 years old and over
      • Wave 4 (8:15 am): Females 40 years old and over, and Swim-Bike
    • 8:20 am: Duathlon starts by the transition zone
    • 9:00 am (roughly): The Kimberly Clark Try-a-Tri  starts at the “Old Town Dock” behind the Active Living Centre (and corresponding Swim-Bike event)
      • What do you mean “roughly“:  Well, in the first two years we noticed that the Try-a-Tri athletes were finishing well before the short course athletes.  This meant that for the people doing the Try-a-Tri, which is often their first triathlon, they were coming into a finish area where there weren’t many spectators or athletes to cheer them on!  So, we are putting the short course athletes first and then then the Try-a-Tri athletes will head off once the last short course athlete has rounded the turn around point on the bike course.  We need to do this so that the Try-a-Tri participants are not turning around into on coming bikers, which might result in an accident.  So, once we get a call that the last athlete has turned around, we will start the Try-a-Tri.
        • It also gives us some time to give a more detailed pre-race briefing and have time for questions to be asked before the start.  It also lets Try-a-Tri athletes see the race in motion as the short course athletes will be coming into transition, and you can pick up some tips on how to switch over from the swim to the bike just by watching them in the transition zone.
    • 11:00 am: The TriMuskokan Awards Ceremony
    • 12:00 am: Wrap up, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy the rest of the day!


Don’t Know Where To Start?  Use Our Customized Training Plans

One of the biggest questions in people’s minds when they want to get into the sport of triathlon is “How do I start?”. Well, a Try-a-Tri is a great way to get into the sport, but it is also a way to have a goal that needs you to cross train in three different sports.  This reduces your risk of injuries that you might incur if you were just doing one sport, in one direction, over and over again.  There are a lot of resources out there, but we have made a custom 8-week training schedule for newcomers to follow.  Once you open up the file, you will see that the goals of each workout are achievable.

The TriMuskokan 8 Week Couch to Try-a-Tri Training Plan

The TriMuskokan 8 Week Beginner Short Course Triathlon Training Plan


Want Hands On Experience?  Come To Our Pre-Race Clinics

Read the full details here.  

Whether you are a a first-timer or a tri-veteran, we believe we have another great race lined up this year, where the focus is on quality over quantity.  One of the things that we wanted to offer people who are doing their first or fiftieth event are two pre-race clinics to be familiar with the course, how to change from one sport to the next, and how to smile all the way through while you are having an incredible amount of fun.

Why are we hosting these clinics:  Because we have all been there.  At the start line for the first time.  So, knowing that many of our participants are newcomers, whether they are doing the Try-a-Tri, a Relay, or the full Short Course. So we have added an extra enhancement this year: two optional pre-race clinics, intended for relative newcomers. If you are a confirmed registrant (only), you may find these helpful in ‘getting a feel’, and getting psyched-up for race day!

Clinic 1: Swim ~ Transition ~ Bike

June 20th at 6:30pm at the Active Living Centre (behind the Summit Centre)

Clinic 2: Bike ~ Transition ~ Run

June 22nd at 6:30pm at the Active Living Centre (behind the Summit Centre)

Pre-Race Walk About:  Race Central

June 25th at 5:00pm at the main doors to the Canada Summit Centre.  This will be an informal walk about the swim start, exits, the ins and outs of transition zone, and of course the finish line!!!

Race Course Descriptions

The TriMuskokan takes place at the Canada Summit Centre located right in downtown Huntsville.  As you can see from the photo below (click to blow it up), the event takes place on a quiet parcel of land that embraces the athletic facilities and the natural landscape that Huntsville has to offer.

canada summit centre arial wbready



The Holiday Inn Express and Suites Swim Course

Try-a-Tri athletes will enter the water at the dock adjacent to the transition area and will start down the river for a 350m rectangular swim. Short course athletes will enter the water at Camp Kitchen where they can get ready at the grass before entering the water in Fairy Lake. Athletes will then swim up river 750m to the dock where they will get out and make their way to transition.  Take a minute to watch the videos below to have a birds eye view of the courses as well as some tips and tricks along the way.


The Tap2Tag Active Transition Area

The Tap2Tag Active transition area is located in the main parking lot of the Canada Summit Centre, adjacent to Huntsville High School.  There will be racks for both road and mountain bikes to be racked in, and bikes will be racked on both sides, alternating sides from one spot to the next.  This will allow there to be ample room between the bikes for participants to lay out their shoes, hat, sunglasses, tshirt or race belt, and nutrition on the ground (or towel) in that space.  

Transition Zone and Finish Area

The Muskoka Medical Pharmacy Bike Course

After leaving transition and getting on bikes at the mount/dismount line, athletes will head out onto the bike course via the south entrance to the Canada Summit Centre by Park Drive, and will turn left onto Brunel Road where a police officer will be controlling traffic to allow them to enter the race course safely. Try-a-tri athletes travel down Brunel Rd 5km for an out-and-back bike leg for a total of 10km. Short course athletes will bike down 15km for a total of 30km out-and-back course. Brunel has been redone in 2014, and has a bike lane that improves the safety on the bike course.  Take a look at the video below for a view from the bike of the entire course.  All of the kilometer markers are there, so sit back and watch or hop on your trainer and bike along!  Gear up on the uphills and down on the downhills!



The Rapidnail Run Course

As would be expected with any triathlon and duathlon event in Muskoka, the answer to “Will there be any hills?”, the answer is yes.  But that is part of the challenge and the beauty!  On the 2.5km Try-a-tri or 7km Short Course Triathlon events, participants will run down the rolling road that parallels the river to Camp Kitchen on the Rapidnail Run Course.  At the end, athletes will run up a forested path to the Lions Lookout track which is nested in a natural granite amphitheatre.  After running along the southern edge of the “old” track, participants will then run down a gentle hill towards the “new” rubberized track at Conroy Park.  At this point, participants will then run back up the gentle hill towards the Canada Summit Centre, before finishing after one loop for Try-a-tri athletes, or two loops for short course athletes.

One of the areas which some (not all) participants get confused is the diverting area where short course triathletes and duathletes either head towards the finish line or head out for the second loop of the run (the second run for the duathletes).  Here is a map of how this area is set up so you know what to expect on the day of the TriMuskokan.  If you are headed out onto the second leg of the run course, stay to your right.  If you are finishing the second leg and are headed to the finish line, then keep left!  Try-a-tri participants, you don’t have to do a second leg of the run course, so just stay left and head on in when you are done!

Run Course Second Lap and Finish Line Diverting Area

Don’t have a bike?  Don’t have a wetsuit?  No problem!

The common misconception is that you need a carbon fibre super speed triathlon or road bike, and a wetsuit to do The TriMuskokan.  What do you do if you have a mountain bike in the garage, or an old road bike that weighs as much as your car?  What if you are a sinker when you swim and you want some extra floatation that a wetsuit offers you?  Here are a couple of points to keep in mind:

  • The TriMuskokan is a fun event that puts forth a personal challenge for every participant doing the event.  Remember we use the word “event” more than we use “race”.  A race involves you pitting yourself against other people.  An event signifies and underlines the fact that this is first and foremost a personal challenge
  • If you have a mountain bike: No worries!  Lots of people use mountain bikes at The TriMuskokan.  Our one suggestion to you, however, is that you go to a bike shop (see suggestions below) and get them to put a pair of “slicks” on your bike.  These are skinnier tires that don’t have the big knobby grips on them.  You will be able to bike faster with less effort with these on.  If you have suspension on your bike, adjust them so that they are as stiff as possible.  You will waste a lot of energy during the bike if you have a soft ride.  Plus, the road isn’t bumpy so you don’t need suspension
  • If you don’t have a bike:  Then ask around.  Put something on your social media accounts that you are looking for one.  Someone will have one in their garage.  But, for the time it takes, consider renting a bike for the weekend.  You know you will get a bike in good working order that is all lubed up.
    • Ontario Trysport is located in Parry Sound and they have bikes that they will rent for longer periods of time, or even just the race weekend.  The nice thing is that if you decide to buy the bike, or a bike, from them that they will deduct the cost of the rental from that bike.  Give them a call directly.
    • Algonquin Outfitters is offering a race weekend special.  For $80, you can get a road bike and helmet for the weekend.  Give them a call, and speak to someone in the bike shop to arrange your bike!
  • If you don’t have a wetsuit:  There are a number of options here.  Obviously, you don’t have to wear a wetsuit.  Take your time swimming down the course, and remember that if you get tired, we have oodles of kayaks along the way that you can hang onto if you need a break.  Plus you are swimming in a river, which has two sides with shallow areas and docks on them.  Swim to the side, hang onto a dock, or stand up at the edge.  When you are ready to get going again, start swimming again!   Many people wear a “shortie” wetsuit that are pretty inexpensive.  The problem is that they tend to be loose fitting, which means that a lot of water flows in the wetsuit as you swim.  This acts as an anchor and is pretty tiring after a while (but is fine for a distance like the try-a-tri).   If you would like the full triathlon experience, then renting a wetsuit is an option for you.  The bonus of a wetsuit is that you will be floating, and you don’t really have to kick unless you want to….thus saving your legs for the bike and the run!
    • Ontario Trysport has wetsuits for rent, with the same deal that if you decide to buy one, they will deduct the cost of the rental off of the ticket price.  Give them a call.

Registration Information


The TriMuskokan registration fees were developed to provide a fee that is affordable, yet is able to cover the costs of the event. Any profits go directly back into our community to support athletes and coaches, regardless of level of experience, through unique learning opportunities or local infrastructure.


**Volunteers are a central part of the success of a community event like this.  We have a number of areas that volunteers are required on the swim, bike, and run courses as well as at registration. If you want to help out as a volunteer, please email our Volunteer Coordinator **


2017 Race Entry Fees

Things to note before you register:

  • CCN:  We are using CCN Bikes, the new registration partner for Triathlon Ontario (TriOntario), for our TriMuskokan Online Registration. If you have not registered via CCN Bikes before, you will be prompted to create an account (it’s free) before you register. If you are already a member, you will be asked to Log In to the CCN site in order to access the TriMuskokan Online Registration.
  • TriOntario Membership: You must have or purchase a 2017 TriOntario membership (annual or one-day) that extends to race day. If you do not have one, you will be prompted by the TriOntario website to do this and add it to your cart (it’s all integrated). The TriOntario one-day fee, or annual membership, will be added to the prices below. For information about Triathlon Ontario memberships, please visit their membership page.
  • T-Shirts: If you register before June 12th (noon), you will receive a commemorative TriMuskokan Shirt.
  • Refunds and Transfers:
    • Unfortunately we won’t be able to return your money if you can’t make it to the race.  However if you advise us before June 12th, we can provide you with the following options:
      • You can defer your race entry to the following year’s TriMuskokan
      • You can change the race you are doing (i.e. you can switch from the triathlon to the duathlon, etc)
      • For logistical reasons, transfers of your race registration to another individual is not being offered.
  • Relay Prices: Relay prices will be displayed as “per athlete” cost.  This allows the Captain to register and pay for one person (himself/herself), two people or the whole team. Depending on how many people registered through the Captain’s log-in, the system will calculate the correct cost.  The individual athlete cost will also depend on when that person registers and pays.  This seems fair to the teams members who pay by the earlier date.
 If you have specific questions about the 2017 TriMuskokan event, our Event Co-Director.


There is a hard cap of 300 participants at this years event.  So, please sign up if you want to be a part of this great event.


Early Bird Pricing

Until March 31st

Not So Early Bird PricingUntil May 26th

Last Minute Pricing

Until June 23rd

Short Course Duathlon $65.00 $72.00 $80.00
Short Course Triathlon $65.00 $72.00 $80.00
Short Course Swim Bike $65.00 $72.00 $80.00
Short Course Triathlon Relay (per person) $33.00 $36.00 $40.00
Try-A-Tri Triathlon $45.00 $52.00 $60.00
Short Course Corporate Relay Challenge powered (per person) $33.00 $36.00 $40.00

Note:  TriMuskoka does not charge HST.  We are a not for profit organization and we don’t qualify for HST.  As such, what you see it what you pay. 

  • There will, however, be an administrative fee for CCN Bkes, who manage our online registration, and you will notice this fee added to your final bill at checkout on the CCN site 


  • The t-shirts are technical cotton shirts; they are not a loose fit.  If you want one that is looser, then consider ordering a size up. 
  • Registration before June 12th ensures you will receive a commemorative t-shirt. 

Note: Registration closes at NOON on Friday June 23rd, 2017.



Getting Here and Where To Stay

For this event, we have two of our sponsors that have paired up with us.

  • The Holiday Inn Express is offering accommodations located in the Howland business park, which is 5 minutes from race site.  Follow this link to access the group code, which is TRI
  • The Comfort Inn Huntsville is offering accommodations close to the race site.  The Huntsville Comfort Inn is proud to be a supporter of the Trimuskokan and is located minutes away from the start of the race. We offer a Free Full Breakfast to all our guests, rooms with fridges and microwaves and select rooms have patio door access.  Simply contact the Huntsville Comfort Inn and ask for “The TriMuskokan” which will provide you with a special TriMuskokan rate!

To access other options, please click over to our Accommodations Page and our Directions Page


Results for the 2016 TriMuskokan

The race results will be available online on the same day as the race.

Short Course Tri:

Short Course Swim Bike:

Short Course Tri Relay:



Photos and Results From The 2015 TriMuskokan

If you weren’t able to make it this year, don’t worry, we are going to have next years event on June 19th, 2016!  In the meanwhile, take a look at the picture of the 2015 event….it’s not just a race…it’s an experience…

prerace trimuskokan swim bike run
Pre-Race Swim Bike Run
finish transition awards volunteers
Finish Transition Awards  Volunteers


Results From Previous Years


Thank You To Our Fantastic 2016 Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please email us at for more information and we will send you a sponsorship package!

Presenting Sponsor (Insert Your Company Here!)


Short Course Title Sponsor

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Race Equipment Sponsors



Community Cheering Squad

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Interested in supporting this great community event as a sponsor?  Email us at for more information and we will send you a sponsorship package…….