The TriMuskoka Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic



Here are the photos and results from the 2017 Indoor Triathlon!


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Read some news about the event!  Get excited about next year because it is coming back, and it will be even better next year!


This is going to be super wicked fun!

As a way of inspiring and engaging our local community in physical activity and curing your winter blahs, TriMuskoka will be hosting the 1st annual Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic that promises to be as much fun as it will be challenging for individuals of all abilities.

The three legs of the Winter Classic are short enough that people will be able to complete the race and be just long enough that participants will be proud of their accomplishments.

Think of this event as that much needed mid-winter carrot to keep yourself active over the course of the winter, so that when spring rolls around, you are rip roaring ready to go for what activities lie ahead of you.

Similar to our TriMuskokan Short Course Triathlon and Try-a-Tri, the focus is on creating a fun and memorable event experience that makes you wanting to provide participants with a challenge, and will leave them with a tremendous sense of accomplishment when they are done.  The TriMuskokan is taking place on June 25th, so if you are training for the winter indoor triathlon, you might as well participate in The TriMuskokan.  Click the link above to read more about it and to register.


What Is The Format of the TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon Winter Classic

The Winter Indoor Classic will take place on February 12th, 2017 at the Canada Summit Centre.  The format is pretty straight forward:

  • Swim: A 15 minute swim in a 25m pool (two people per lane)
  • Bike: A 15 minute bike on a stationary bike that Motivations Fitness has graciously let us use
  • Run: A 15 minute run or walk around the indoor track
  • The Scoring System:  Race volunteers record the total distance covered during your swim, bike and run. The more distance you cover, the higher your score.  The higher your score, the closer you are to the podium!
    • Swim: 10 points will be earned for every 25m lap completed, with 5 points being awarded for a half lap determined by the lap counter
    • Bike:  25 points earned for each 0.5km completed, as calculated by the bike computers average RPM and converted into total distance.
    • Run:  27 points scored for each lap of the track completed (217m indoor track), and 13.5 points for each half lap.

Transition times: Each of the legs will be separated by a 5 minute transition period that will give you time to change (if required) and make your way to the next leg of the event.

After the Winter Classic, light refreshments and a snack will be provided to participants along with their finishers swag!




Watch the two athlete guide videos that complement the athlete guide.

      • The TriMuskoka Winter Indoor Triathlon Athlete Video Guide


      • Setting up the Spin Bike and Operating the Bike Computer


What Happens After The Event

Hold on…what about the prizes, trophies, and celebrations?  Well, given that this is a fun event, the fun will continue on into the afternoon with an afternoon at Ontario Pioneer Camp.  At OPC, participants and their families will be able to enjoy some great outdoor winter activities including tubing, broomball, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and a lot more.  At 5pm, everyone will gather in the dining hall for celebrations, awards, and a home cooked meal.


How Do I Register?

Registration will include a commemorative bib, race swag, post race snack, an afternoon of fun out at Ontario Pioneer Camp, and a home cooked dinner.  Maybe even a prize and an award might be in store!

The cost for participation is:

      • Youth 13 years old to 18 years old: $15
      • Adults 19 years old and over:
        • TriMuskoka Members: $30
          • Want to join TriMuskoka?  Learn more about our club here.  An off season membership is only $25!
          • If you join TriMuskoka on race day, we will give you $5 back.
        • Non-TriMuskoka Members: $35
      • Dinner at Ontario Pioneer Camp for non-participants: $10


      • IMPORTANT – Adult and Youth Registration fees increased by $5 on January 15th.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to return your money if you can’t make it to the event. 

Make sure you register early.  Why?

      • There are only 156 spots available.
      • You might not get our cool swag.  If you register after January 27th, you will not have a personalized bib, and we we cannot guarantee that you will get the super awesome swag that we are giving out as part of registration

Registration is capped at 156 participants.


The CYA Stuff: Insurance and Coverage:

      • For those who do not have an active Triathlon Ontario membership, there will be a one day membership fee when you register for the event.


Do You Want To Volunteer For The Event?

Yes, this event needs volunteers too!  Get some great swag, enjoy the post event celebrations and fun at Ontario Pioneer Camp, and get inspired to do the event next year all at the same time!



Thanks To All Of Our Sponsors!

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