Sightseeing & Activities

Muskoka is a playground for endurance athletes with all the natural splendour that it has to offer.  However, there is so much more to do in our region besides swimming, biking, running, and of course relaxing.

As Ontario’s cottage country, there is a rich history to explore and plenty of things to do in the great outdoors.  Click through one of the areas below to learn more about what you and your support crew can do in your “down time”.

Over time, this page will serve to be a comprehensive listing of all kinds of activities and attractions that athletes, volunteers, spectators and families can participate in during their stay here in Muskoka.

So, come back often to help you and your family explore Muskoka and all it has to offer.

Explore the Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors makes Muskoka all that it is.  With the residential population of Muskoka around 58000, 18000 of which live in Huntsville, spread out over a 3937 area, there are a lot of the Great Outdoors to explore.

On this page, you will find a plethora of information about where to hike, paddle, trail bike, or simply get lost in the woods.


Camps: A Guilt Free Training Solution

Muskoka is known worldwide for our outdoor camps. Often, one of the hardest things to do when you have a family and are trying to train for an endurance event like a triathlon is the overwhelming sense of guilt. A guilty feeling that comes from the fact that athletes feel like they should be spending more time with their family. The solution? Enrol your kids in camp and have the days to explore Muskoka and partake in some guilt-free training!


Get Outside and Play

If you want to play on some of the top golf courses in Canada, course through the forests on a mountain bike, golfing, explore the many lakes and rivers by a variety of aquatic vehicles, there is so much to do here you will have to come back time and time again to keep checking things off of the bucket list.


Explore Muskoka’s Artistic Side

Muskoka offers a broad spectrum of classical and contemporary music events, as well as dance, theatre, literature, children's cultural activities and public celebrations that will let visitors explore our artistic side. Click here to see all kinds of options that will allow you explore the vast array of artisans and activities that help Muskoka be a culturally vibrant place.


Let Your Body Unwind

Whether you are an athlete training for one of our events, are a member of an athletes support crew, a volunteer, or a visitor to the area, everyone needs to unwind.  There is a wide variety of spas and therapists that would be more than happy to help you work out those kinks, pamper yourself, and truly let you relax.


Local Events Calendars and Other Resources

Every day of every year there is something going on somewhere in Muskoka, and often it is hard to keep tabs on all of the great activities that are going on! Click here to look at a number of our local events calendars as well as other tourism resources available to visitors to help plan their stay.