In the grand scheme of things, triathlon is a relatively new sport to the world of endurance sports, and Huntsville has been there almost from the beginning.  Huntsville held its first triathlon in 1989 which was also the year the International Triathlon Union was formed in Avignon France and also the year the first Triathlon World Championships were held also in Avignon.

There has been at least one triathlon event in every year (except 1964) since then and in some years as many as three. Huntsville hosted the Canadian National Championships in 1991, the World Championships in 1992 and a World Cup in 1993. Few communities can boast this pedigree in the sport.  Muskoka is where Michellie Jones and Simon Lessing won their first World Championships, and they are still going strong two and a half decades later.

Many of the world’s best triathletes have raced in Huntsville including Olympic champions, World Champions, World record holders and many of the icons of the sport. The course has a reputation for being a very challenging course, one that separates the best from the pack, and that is one of the things that attracts the best to race in Huntsville. For the age groupers, being on the same course at the same time with the world’s best has a certain cache that’s hard to resist.

In Huntsville, hospitality is what we do and this governs our commitment to providing a world-class experience.  Be it a world leader, or a family up for a relaxing holiday, everyone is treated the same.

As a community, our town is no longer seen as a stand-alone entity.  It is a “resort” of such which is made up of a diverse group of businesses, accommodations, and restaurants that visitors can visit that no other town of our size can compare to.

Our area focuses on events that have a minimal environmental impact on the region while giving maximum benefit to the event itself.  Both IRONMAN champion Craig Alexander and Olympian Simon Whitfield call Huntsville their favourite course with being the most physically and psychologically demanding courses of all triathlon venues.  Fresh water lakes surround the town of Huntsville and area which provides a clean venue to compete.  Trails and roads wind and embrace the rolling terrain of the Canadian Shield providing some of North America’s breathtaking vistas.

Events hosted in our area experience the feeling of being the “marquis” event of the community. Businesses and residents alike have a greater awareness of what is being hosted in the community.

In turn, athletes will know that they are taking part in the most important occasion to take place in our area. As they arrive in our communities, residents will welcome them and know why they are here. Banners and signage will greet them throughout the town. They will truly feel embraced by the friendliness of Huntsville.