Best Western

Clean, comfortable and centrally located in the Commerce Business Park, the Best Western features an indoor pool, hot tub, complimentary wi-fi and complimentary hot and cold breakfast bar. Please quote TriMuskoka as the booking code when you make your reservation.

Athlete Specific Features:

Athletes are able to store their bike in their room, and there is an area to clean and dry their bikes outside should they need to. There is on site gym equipment, including a pool, and hot tub. There are refrigerators in their rooms to store any food that athletes and their families might have.

Colonial Bay Cottage Resort

Colonial Bay Cottage Resort on Peninsula Lake is located 7 km from Deerhurst.  A convenient location for the IRONMAN Muskoka and 70.3 Muskoka.

With one of the owners being a triathlete, this family owned and operated cottage resort provides a perfect home away from home for visiting athletes. Colonial Bay offers clean and comfortable cottages and motel style rooms and has become a staple for people training and racing in our area for many years.

There is a safe swimming area, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and paddleboats available for someone to accompany an athlete for safe swimming.  Families are welcome as there is lots to do at Colonial Bay while the athletes are training and racing.  A great and unique place to watch the race from as well!

Let Us Be Your Host

We are triathlon country

In Muskoka, we take relaxing as serious as seriously as we embrace endurance sports and triathlon.  With over 9 triathlons in our region each summer and a history of this sport in our area for over 25 years, we can truly claim stake that we are Canada’s Triathlon Country.

Our community knows how to host endurance sporting events, we do it well, and we do it with the athlete and spectator in mind.  We want to not just host these events, we want to be your host and ensure that everyone that visits our area for these events comes away with a sense of longing to come back.

In addition to triathlons, Muskoka annually hosts a significant number of running, cycling, swimming, and adventure events.   The stunning beauty of the landscape, which lends its name to our IRONMAN race courses, aptly named “The Beauty and the Beast”, equally offsets the challenging terrain.

Muskoka is naturally tough.  Muskoka is naturally beautiful.  Do what comes naturally.  Come to Muskoka to train, race, and relax.


We are Ontario’s Cottage Country

Centrally located in the Province of Ontario, Muskoka is a geographical wonder where the multicoloured granite rock that makes up the Canadian Shield explode through the earth creating dramatic rocky outcrops, and natural basins for our fresh water spring fed lakes to settle in between.

In 2012, National Geographic voted Muskoka as the #1 place to spend your summer vacation.  So why wouldn’t you want to come up to Muskoka to train, race, and of course relax?  With the options of lounging on the dock at one of our many lakefront cottages and resorts, or exploring the vast array of roads that course through the forests and granite rock cuts, at your disposal, Muskoka is a choice that comes naturally.

Muskoka is the cottage retreat for many people, from movie stars and celebrities to families looking to get away from it all.  Everyone has the same goal in mind.  To relax and enjoy the great outdoors and reconnect with themselves and those that are around them.


Muskoka from MILapse on Vimeo.