Williamsport Out and Back

This is a section of the first rendition of IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka and has nice wide shoulders on Muskoka Rd 3. After turning onto Williamsport Road, the road is tree lined for some shade and flat so you can turn up the speed. As this is an out and back, turn around anywhere you want for a longer or a shorter version of this route.

Click here to view the route map on Strava.

Britannia Road Loop

Another popular loop that is 33.6km, but has some great challenging hills on Brittania Road. Heading down Brunel, there is great pavement with paved shoulders, and then you turn onto Brittania, which is well maintained and a quiet cottage road. You then turn onto South Portage and head along the final stretch of the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka route.

Click here to view the route map on Strava.

Huntsville to Sprucedale

This route, with a maximum distance of 112km return, heads away from Huntsville and passes through forests and fields along quiet country roads. Along the way, cyclists will pass through the two small villages of Ilfracombe and Sprucedale, you will truly feel as if you are lost in Muskoka.  Stop and have a swim in Buck Lake at Ilfracombe, or make a trip out of it as many of our local members bike out to Sprucedale to their hotel to have breakfast!  The pavement is in great shape, which will make the trip that much more enjoyable.

Click here to look at the route map on Strava.

Algonquin Park Gate to Gate

Iconic and world renowned Algonquin Park, despite being a Provincial Highway, is a fantastic place to cycle.  The pavement is very good (re-surfaced in 2013) with wide paved shoulders.

There are great opportunities for wildlife viewing, excellent scenery, while the elevation change makes for challenging ride.  Leave early to miss most of the traffic, and get some breath taking sunrise vistas over any number of the lakes that you will pass by while you ride.

If you are parking at the Visitors Centre, you will have to buy a day pass.  However, if you park in Dwight and bike into the park (adds another 20km each way), then you won’t.  There are some businesses along the way that you could probably park at as well.

Click here for a link to the Strava map and route information.

Limberlost Road (Out and Back)

Limberlost Road is a favorite of locals, and hosts an informal cycling night on Thursday nights (non-sanctioned, non-club related). There are often several cyclists out for the Thursday evening ride.

Limberlost offers rolling terrain with excellent scenery. The pavement is very good, but the pavement past the Olympia Camp at Dotty Lake can have some sand or gravel in patches early in the season. By mid summer, the Camp Lake landing is an excellent place for a swim and short break at the half-way point of the ride. There are several popular Strava segments on this route, including several climbs and the long winding decent from Walker Lake to Highway 60, where the ride finishes.

Click here for a link to the Strava Map of this routes location and information.

Colonial Bay Cottage Resort Boat Launch

Just east of Colonial Bay Cottage Resort is a quiet little public beach and boat launch that is not very visible or known.

There is a gravel road that passes behind (just west) the main building of Tally Ho Resort, and just east of the entrance to Colonial Bay Cottage Resort.  As far as a public swimming area, it is not very well marked, but is a great location to swim from.  Again, you should follow the safety rules of swimming in our lakes and consider having a kayaker or someone in a canoe with you.

Swim either direction along the shoreline for as long as you want. This is a great place to swim for swim training, or after going for a bike ride on Limberlost Road (40km out and back).

Click here for a map of its location.

Avery Beach

This public beach is also a popular spot to swim from, but is a boat launch as well, so please swim in groups or with a person in a kayak or canoe.

Swimming from here into the town docks, you are going with the current for a 2km swim, and best to be closer to the shore than out in the middle of the bay, as this is the main area for people to go into town from Lake Vernon.

Click here to view a map of where Avery Beach is located.  Turn towards the lake on Yonge Street at West Side Fish and Chips, and it will take you right there.

TriMuskoka Triathlon Club Swim Night

These swims that are hosted by our triathlon club are held in a sheltered bay and vary in distances so that every level of ability is welcome.  

So as long as you have a Triathlon Ontario number, you are more than welcome to join our clubs kayak guided open water swim night on Mondays as a visitor.  Our club has a “try before you buy” policy that is in keeping with Triathlon Ontario.  This means that you can come out for two workouts (swim, bike, or run) before we ask that you join our club.  

If you are up in Muskoka for the summer, consider joining our club so that you can take advantage of all of the other great benefits of being a club member!  We have many people who are members and are only here during the summer months.  Given the fact that we post our club workouts on our team management website (TeamSnap), that means you have access to the workouts that our head coach puts together year round, so you can do the workouts wherever you are!

Port Sydney Beach

Mary Lake is a fantastic beach to swim from, and is the home of the Muskoka Kids Triathlon. This kids triathlon and adult try-a-tri is a rite of passage for many locals and visitors alike making their first attempt at a triathlon.

The Port Sydney Beach has a nice canopied area to get into your wetsuit, as well as a public restroom to change in.  The beach is great for kids and families if athletes are visiting with them so that they are equally as entertained while athletes go for a swim.

As this area also has a boat launch, the boat traffic is higher here than you might think. As such, it is a very good idea to have kayak or canoe accompaniment, and as stated previously, follow our suggestions on the Training Safety in Muskoka page.

Click here to view where the Port Sydney Beach is on Google Maps.

Deerhurst Resort Waterfront Beach

Host site of IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka, you can follow close to the IRONMAN 70.3 swim course, but we strongly advise that you do this only with a kayaker accompanying you if you plan to cross the lake to replicate the actual course.

The bay where Deerhurst Resort is located can be busy, as there is a small marina there as well.

Alternatively, you can leave the beach area and swim along the northern shore of Penninsula lake, and follow the shoreline along to be safe.

Camp Kitchen Beach

Camp Kitchen has been the site of the swim start for the Muskoka Chase, the Muskoka 5150, and a number of triathlons. Known for swimming upstream, athletes need to strategically know how to minimize their exposure to the current by snaking their way into the quiet eddies of the river for a faster swim. You can also head south along the shoreline for a safe and protected swim. An early morning favorite of TriMuskoka, if you have someone to go with you and you are visible, is to go out around Alice Island (just shy of 2K) or Antler Island (3k) and back

Camp Kitchen is very close to downtown Huntsville.  Click here for a map of Camp Kitchen’s location.

Bracebridge Triathlon

Date: August 12th and 13th, 2017

The Bracebridge Triathlon is put on by Multisport Canada, an_MG_1804d features all of the short course distances.  Try-a-Tri, Sprint, and Olympic in the duathlon and triathlon formats.

The transition and race festivities take place in Annie Williams Park, which is right downtown Bracebridge, and has a great playground for the kids if you plan on bringing them along.

Click here to read more about it on the Bracebridge triathlon website.

Bala Falls Triathlon

Date: To return in 2017, date TBA

Bala Falls TriathlonBala Falls is a quiet little community tucked in the heart of Muskoka, and is world famous for the Johnson Cranberry Farm.  This event, put on by Multisport Canada, takes place in a small community park.

A great twist to the typical triathlon, the Bala Falls Triathlon is one where you get to get back to your roots.  Go old school.  Yes, it is a retro race.  So pull out the speedo and the leg warmers.  There are prizes for the best costumes as well as for the top age group athletes.

Look for updates on the MultiSport Website

Muskoka Kids Triathlon

Date: July 15, 2017

kids tri-9665The Muskoka Kids Triathlon is seen by many as a rite of passage into the world of triathlon. Kids from 6 to 106 are invited to take part in this annual event where the streets and waterways of Port Sydney are closed so that families and friends can cheer on their loved ones as they participate in this fantastic family event.

With distances ranging between 50m swim / 3.2 km bike / 700m run for the 8 and under age group to 400m swim / 12.4 km bike / 3.2 km run for the 15 and older age groups, there is something for everyone.

Read more about it on the Muskoka Kids Triathlon Website

Best Western

Clean, comfortable and centrally located in the Commerce Business Park, the Best Western features an indoor pool, hot tub, complimentary wi-fi and complimentary hot and cold breakfast bar. Please quote TriMuskoka as the booking code when you make your reservation.

Athlete Specific Features:

Athletes are able to store their bike in their room, and there is an area to clean and dry their bikes outside should they need to. There is on site gym equipment, including a pool, and hot tub. There are refrigerators in their rooms to store any food that athletes and their families might have.

Colonial Bay Cottage Resort

Colonial Bay Cottage Resort on Peninsula Lake is located 7 km from Deerhurst.  A convenient location for the IRONMAN Muskoka and 70.3 Muskoka.

With one of the owners being a triathlete, this family owned and operated cottage resort provides a perfect home away from home for visiting athletes. Colonial Bay offers clean and comfortable cottages and motel style rooms and has become a staple for people training and racing in our area for many years.

There is a safe swimming area, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and paddleboats available for someone to accompany an athlete for safe swimming.  Families are welcome as there is lots to do at Colonial Bay while the athletes are training and racing.  A great and unique place to watch the race from as well!

Let Us Be Your Host

We are triathlon country

In Muskoka, we take relaxing as serious as seriously as we embrace endurance sports and triathlon.  With over 9 triathlons in our region each summer and a history of this sport in our area for over 25 years, we can truly claim stake that we are Canada’s Triathlon Country.

Our community knows how to host endurance sporting events, we do it well, and we do it with the athlete and spectator in mind.  We want to not just host these events, we want to be your host and ensure that everyone that visits our area for these events comes away with a sense of longing to come back.

In addition to triathlons, Muskoka annually hosts a significant number of running, cycling, swimming, and adventure events.   The stunning beauty of the landscape, which lends its name to our IRONMAN race courses, aptly named “The Beauty and the Beast”, equally offsets the challenging terrain.

Muskoka is naturally tough.  Muskoka is naturally beautiful.  Do what comes naturally.  Come to Muskoka to train, race, and relax.


We are Ontario’s Cottage Country

Centrally located in the Province of Ontario, Muskoka is a geographical wonder where the multicoloured granite rock that makes up the Canadian Shield explode through the earth creating dramatic rocky outcrops, and natural basins for our fresh water spring fed lakes to settle in between.

In 2012, National Geographic voted Muskoka as the #1 place to spend your summer vacation.  So why wouldn’t you want to come up to Muskoka to train, race, and of course relax?  With the options of lounging on the dock at one of our many lakefront cottages and resorts, or exploring the vast array of roads that course through the forests and granite rock cuts, at your disposal, Muskoka is a choice that comes naturally.

Muskoka is the cottage retreat for many people, from movie stars and celebrities to families looking to get away from it all.  Everyone has the same goal in mind.  To relax and enjoy the great outdoors and reconnect with themselves and those that are around them.


Muskoka from MILapse on Vimeo.