Our Local Hospitals

We have two excellent community based (Level 1) hospitals that provide 24/7 Emergency Services at both the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Site and the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site (in Bracebridge).  Our team of emergency physicians, family physicians, surgeons, internists, allied health professionals, registered nurses and registered practical nurses provide the best possible care.

On race day, there are stationary medical teams at each of the aid stations, as well as mobile units on each leg of the race and in transition zone.  Should an athlete need to be transported directly to the hospital from the race course, the large majority will be transported to Huntsville District Memorial Hospital.  Non-emergent patients will be transported to the main medical tent at Deerhurst for evaluation, treatment, and disposition.

Before the race, please bring the following with you, as well as update your athlete profile with Active.com so that our medical team has the most up to date information about your chronic and acute medical conditions on hand during race day:

  • Valid Ontario Health Care or our of province insurance documentation
  • Address and contact information for:
    • Current home address and contact information
    • Where you are staying in Muskoka during your stay
  • Current medication list

Here is the contact information and directions to the hospitals in Huntsville and Bracebridge.

Huntsville Summer Walk In Clinic

Huntsville does not normally have a walk in clinic.  But over the summer months, our local family physicians who have offices in the Medical Professional Building, have a rotating walking schedule through their offices.

The main purpose of the Summer Walk In Clinic, which runs from July 1st until Labour Day, is to take some of the pressure off of the Emergency Room and to allow those that really need emergent care have quicker and better accesses.  During the summer, the ER can get up to a 6 hour wait, but this time dramatically goes down when people go to the walk in clinic instead of the ER.  If someone comes to the walk in clinic and they need emergent care, then the family physician communicates with the ER physician and we get the ball rolling to make the patient better.

On IronWeek, the summer walk in clinic is open:

  • Friday: 9-3:30pm
  • Saturday: 9-2pm
  • Sunday (Race Dat): 12-6pm

The location of the building where the clinic: 348 Muskoka Road 3 North, Huntville, ON

The exact office number where the clinic will be held will be taped to the front doors.  No narcotics are dispensed or renewed in these clinics.   Please bring a valid provincial health card.  If you are out of country, your payment will be anywhere between $30-$100 Canadian.

Reactivate Muskoka

367 Muskoka Rd 3 North, Suite 5 Huntsville, ON


Reactivate Muskoka is a multi-disciplinary sports and exercise medicine clinic right in the heart of triathlon country.   We are focused on treating local and visiting athletes with advanced therapeutic techniques to help resolve their injuries, as well as restoring balance to ensure that athletes are fine tuned machines on race day.

Reactivate Muskoka is a clinic that features:

  • Muskoka’s only Sports Medicine Physician, Dr. Rich Trenholm
  • Two Chriopractors who are both additionally certified in acupuncture, and ART
    • Dr. Chad Barber
    • Dr. Tammy Bowler
  • Two Massage Therapists
    • Irene Whittem who specializes in deep tissue massage
    • Kassandra Barker who specializes in deep tissue massage as well as neurokinetic therapy (NKT)

Four of our clinicians are triathletes, so we understand your needs, and your desires to be in tip top shape on race day.  We work hard to be available for athletes visiting the area.

Visit our website for all of our contact information.