Club Info

TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is committed to improving the fitness, performance and knowledge of our club members in a non-competitive environment. What we have in common is the passion and drive to improve our health, improve our fitness, and to perform at the very best that we can in our sport. As a team, we work to encourage and educate each other to reach our goals, be it a Try-a-Tri or a full Ironman distance event.

We welcome athletes that are visiting Muskoka to join in our group workouts and educational sessions, and if you are a cottager or vacation her regularly, consider joining our club so you can come to an unlimited number of our club workouts.

Membership and Its Benefits

Businesses in our community, and from abroad, support our club and the athletes that belong to TriMuskoka Triathlon Club. Through these partnerships, these businesses have graciously offered our members to take advantage of generous discounts, special offers and services available to registered TriMuskoka members.


Members Area

There is a vast amount of excellent resources on training and racing on the web. Our Tri Library compiles this information so that beginners and seasoned athletes alike will be able to access information from all in one spot.

This library is ever growing as new information gets published, and we look to our members to help build this library with videos and articles that they find on the web.



TriMuskoka hosts OAT sanctioned workouts, seminars, and training camps as well as host the annual Muskoka TriSummit as a way to ensure that members and visiting athletes are provided with every opportunity to learn. For novice to experienced athletes, TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is there for you every stroke, pedal and step of the way! Our club’s social side is about spending time with like minded individuals and to not have to worry about breaking a sweat.