Board Members & Coaches


Jon Morton


Jon started into triathlon in 2005 entering in the Milton Triathlon, which seemed like an easy enough distance to tackle for a first race.  However after walking it in on the run portion, more research was required on how to properly train for a triathlon, including figuring out what a ‘brick’ was.  After that he was hooked on the challenge of improving and trying to get faster.  Jon started into the sport to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, and have some form of consistent involvement in sport beyond university.  Recently he has been racing mainly Ironman distance which has brought new challenges.  He joined TriMuskoka in order to help promote the endurance sport locally, which can benefit local business as well as contribute to a healthy, active community.

The TriMuskoka club is a great group to be a part of whether just getting into the sport or if you have been in the sport for many years.  TriMuskoka’s members benefit from support, advice, training partners and camaraderie so that we can all help each other achieve our individual goals and have fun while doing it.



Brian Gray

Vice President

Brian discovered triathlons in 2012, as an alternative to four decades of
recreational running. After trying a local Huntsville sprint he caught the ‘bug’, and has since competed in more than 25 races from sprints to 70.3s. He enjoys the challenges of training, and especially the vibrancy of the race day buzz that makes us feel so alive on a sunny Sunday morning!

Brian has been one of the lead organizers of The TriMuskokan race since its
inception in 2015, however his greatest TriMuskoka Club motivation is the
encouraging, supportive cast and group training within the Club community.


Mark Sinnige Headshot

Mark Sinnige


Mark started doing triathlon here in Muskoka at the 1997 rendition of the long course at the Muskoka Chase where he was the swimmer for the relay.  That was back in the day when the transition zone was up at the Lions Lookout Track.  He remembers the feeling of being super pumped after the event, and wanted to keep doing triathlons.  He caught the bug and has been racing since that day.  He has always been partial to the Bala Falls Triathlon since he has been a regular participant there since the first year of the event, and it is a course that made him dig a little deeper than other races.  He had a great surprise in 2015 at the Bracebridge Triathlon when he won the race!

For him, the sport of triathlon and our club is all about support, the big sense of family with a great bunch of people training in our area which is rich in triathlon history and a phenomenal training ground that provides everyone a challenge.

Mark has served on our board for a number of years as the Treasurer, been involved in the planning for Ironman Muskoka and Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, and likes to contribute to a sport that is a big part of our community.


 Musoka Mag
Deanna Lavigne

Deanna Lavigne


Deanna’s first race was the Port Sydney kids tri in 2004, then she just kept tri-ing from there, all the way to the ironman in 2015.  She has raced all distances including our old long course.  Deanna loved the Ironman but all races are fun especially the TriMuskokan!  Some of the best things about the TriMuskokan was talking  to the volunteers and other racers along the way.  In her own words, she “never take it too seriously that I can’t thank everyone I see who makes the race possible or cheer on other competitors.”

Deanna volunteer at races, am secretary for the club, and am helping  with non race infrastructure for the TriMuskokan. She really enjoys volunteering and think the volunteer jobs are usually harder than doing the race itself. It’s fun to cheer and encourage newbies.

The best thing about our club is the motivation everyone gives each other to “tri” and get out there.   She also love combining sports and getting to play outside, including skiing, ice skating, and snow shoeing.


deanna lavigne race
Kaitlyn Habermehl (Social Coordinator)

Kaitlyn Habermehl


Kaitlyn Habermehl joined TriMuskoka in 2016 after participating in triathlon during the latter part of 2015 at her first try-a-tri at the Parry Sound Bobby Orr Hall of Fame triathlon.  This event will go down as the time when the kool-aid was drank and the obsession began.  Having grown up competitively horse back riding for the better part of 25 years and missing the atmosphere, the TriMuskoka club has been a terrific place to grow in sport, gain friends and knowledge and enjoy some competitive goals.  The camaraderie and support of the team, competitive or social is something that is fantastic to be a part of.

As our Social Coordinator, Kaitlyn is in charge of making sure that we have as much fun together away from training, as we do when we are training and racing.   However, in her own words, we don’t need much help in achieving this as we are a pretty fun bunch of people to begin with.  And that is the best thing that she likes about the club.  The members.


kaitlyn habermehl race
Catherine Zacal

Catherine Zacal


Catherine started doing triathlons in 1999 at the Barrie Sprint Triathlon.  Over the years, she has progressed through the sport and now loves the longer distance races, particularly the Half Ironman (70.3) distance events.  She loves the sport as a way to reduce her stress as a holistic dentist here in Huntsville as the owner and operator of Centre Street Family Dental.  She finds that the long cardio workouts help her forget about everything going on around her and gets that “Dr. Zacal Smile” on her face.  The best thing that Catherine enjoys about the TriMuskoka Triathlon club are the Monday Night Open Water Swims all summer long.



Don McCormick


Don has been involved in the triathlon community locally ever since the sport came to our community.  Don competed in the first local Huntsville / Lake of Bays Triathlon in 1988 and has not looked back since.  Having qualified for World Championship events on numerous occasions, he is as experienced in racing as he is organizing events.  Don is well versed in the local and international racing scene and has seen what it takes to put on a great local event.  Don will continue to be a great asset to the Club as a Board Member!  He is a huge advocate and supporter of the sport locally and you can count on seeing him helping out in some way at our local events.


 Rich Trenholm (President)

Rich Trenholm

Past President

Rich is one of the co-founders of TriMuskoka, but his triathlon career has been a short one.  Prior to moving to Huntsville, he had never heard of the sport of triathlon, but had always been active in the three elements on their own.  Given the fact that he was never very good at any of the three of the sports individually, he has found a bit more success when putting the three sports together.  Other than The TriMuskokan, his favourite race is the Montreal Esprit Triathlon, as it is flat and fast and the bike is on the Formula One race track!  He enjoys the Monday night swims, but his favourite workouts are the Wednesday Night Time Trial Bikes.  If you run into him, you can talk to him about anything triathlon or sports injuries as he is also a Sports Medicine Physician.  Be careful not to look him in the eye as he is well known for invoking the sense of enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon.  “What your mind can conceive and your heart can believe, your body can achieve” is one of his favourite motivational quotes.  Be somebody nobody thought you could be!


 Rich Trenholm is the President of TriMuskoka. He is cycling on the Ironman World Championship Bike Course
Jessica Adam Headshot

Jessica Adam

Head Coach

Jess starting doing triathlons in 1997, with her first being a Try-a-Tri in Harrison Hot Springs (BC) placing first for women which instantly gave her the “bug”.  She worked her way up through the ranks as a competitive age grouper racing in over 60 triathlons and many running and cycling races along the way. She has competed in all distances but her crowing moment (and favorite race) was the World Championships in Vancouver in 2008.  Jessica has competed for Canada in three other World Championship events and numerous National Championships. She loves the sport of triathlon because of the incredible challenge it offers and the camaraderie that the sport brings when training and racing with others.

Coaching background:

Jess has been a triathlon club coach in both cities of Vancouver and Victoria and now for TriMuskoka here in Huntsville where she coaches on site swim, bike, and run workouts. She enjoys sharing her nearly 20 years of experience with aspiring triathletes offering custom training programs through LifeSport coaching . Over the years, she has collaborated on training projects and clinics with several top coaches, including Lance Watson and Paul Regensburg also of LifeSport coaching. She has been an article contributor to Triathlon Canada magazine and Triathlon Canada magazine online. Jessica has a high level of technical expertise and a positive, can-do attitude about training and racing. She coaches all levels for all distances. To complement her coaching repertoire, Jessica is university educated in nutrition and sciences, and is a recipient of the “Langara Faculty Association Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Science”.

Her coaching and training philosophy is that every athlete is an individual, with different needs.  Programs need to be tailored to suit the athlete’s abilities and goals.  My job is to understand what these are, and design a program to guide them to success.  My coaching philosophy will consist of a balance between motivation, instilling the importance of consistency in my athletes, and a strong emphasis on technique and form for efficiency and injury prevention.


Jess Adam Running (TriMuskoka Training Director)
Evelynn Funston - TriMuskoka Membership Coordinator

Evelynn Funston

Membership Coordinator

Evelynn is probably one of the most invaluable members of the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club.  Her passion for the sport, TriMuskoka, and her willingness to support our club in any shape or form, she quickly assumed the role as Lead Kayaker for TriMuskoka’s Monday night open water swim.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate administration, TriMuskoka quickly realized her potential to help out with many other aspects of the club and her volunteer involvement grew from there starting with the TriSummit as the Registration Coordinator.  Her attention to detail and tenacity for perfection in an area where an eye for detail is required in order for things to go smoothly, Evelynn has put in countless volunteer hours with TriMuskoka and is now the Registration Coordinator for all TriMuskoka events, including the TriMuskokan and the Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic.  Most recently, Evelynn recently joined the Board as Membership Coordinator.

As the most non-triathlete member of the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club, what Evelynn likes about the TriMuskoka Triathlon club is the how inclusive the group is, whether you are an athlete or a volunteer.  Also, she says with a smile “I never have to worry about being bored – Rich will find a new task for me”.


Evelynn Funston - Membership Coordinator for TriMuskoka