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The TriMuskoka Cup

To encourage participation in our club identified training, social events, and races as a participant or a volunteer, we have created a unique and fun, yet maybe a bit competitive too, points system for our club members to partake in over the course of the year.  This points challenge is called The TriMuskoka Cup.  

Click here to learn more about the TriMuskoka Cup challenge, the scoring system, and how to points get tabulated (see the link in the next paragraph).

If you have events or races to enter, email Jon or Jess to let us know which will help us keep track!

Social events, workouts, and seminars will be submitted to the scorekeeper by the coaches running the seminars and workouts, and the social coordinator for social events, and the scorekeeper will enter them in manually.

Not attending all races?  Well, you actually will accumulate more points if you come out to the workouts week to week.  0.5 points per workout, three workouts a week…that is a 1.5 points per week!  The workouts are designed to peak at our club events, and it is always better to train with others (you never push yourself as hard on your own) for the biggest impact on your fitness and skills.  So, click over here to sign up for our workouts.  Each 8 week block is only $20.

Club Races – are found on this page.


The TriMuskoka Triathlon Team uses an online team management website called TeamSnap to help us all stay connected in one spot.  Here are some features of the site that helps us with that:

Our training calendar:

There is a calendar on TeamSnap that lets you know what our workout schedule is and all the details about each of the workouts.  We additionally put the actual workout on the calendar so that if you are not able to make it to the workout for some reason, you have the ability to do the workout on your own or with other TriMuskokans at a different time

Let us know you are coming!

The calendar gives you the ability to say “Yes/No/Maybe” to each calendar event, and leave a note along with it if you want to keep us informed about something in particular.

Our social calendar:

The calendar also helps us all keep track of the important things like when the next social events are and the details about upcoming team events and races are taking place.


Our communication system:

We can send out emails securely to individuals in the club, or to the whole club, so that everyone is informed about what is going on.


Our sharing site:

On TeamSnap we post photos of our club events, standings for the TriMuskoka Cup Challenge, and results for our time trial workouts all in one secure place.


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