Membership and Its Benefits


We are like a big family.

Whether you are a novice or an athlete with a number of years experience in endurance sport, being a member of TriMuskoka Triathlon Club offers you a number of benefits in our community and beyond.  We are a community based club with volunteer coaches in each of the disciplines who have years of experience coaching individuals of every athletic level.

Anyone is welcome to join.

One of the biggest elements of the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is that we are a large group of individuals who enjoy pursuing active and healthy lifestyles, and we use the cross training capacity that the sport of triathlon offers as a way to achieve our lifestyle goals.  Even though our community is the host to big events like Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, and Ironman Muskoka in the past, the overwhelming majority of our members take part in the shorter triathlon events, otherwise known as Sprint or Olympic triathlons.  We support each other in our personal goals, but at the same time challenge each other to step outside of each of our comfort zones when we are training and racing together.

We don’t limit our club memberships only to people who live here year round.  An annual membership with TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is not only open to any individual who lives in our community, but we encourage seasonal cottagers who spend a considerable amount of time in Muskoka at some point during the year.



Want more details about the TriMuskoka Club Memberships?

Regardless of whether you are a permanent resident, a cottager, or a visitor to our fine community, an annual TriMuskoka Triathlon Club membership is open to everyone.

As a member of TriMuskoka Triathlon Club, you have:

  • Access to all coached workouts: As a TriMuskoka member, you are able to attend all of our sanctioned club workouts that are led by NCCP certified triathlon coaches.
    • During the winter we have sanctioned spin and track workouts, and unsanctioned swim and ski workouts.
    • What is a sanctioned workout?  Attending the sanctioned workouts means that the club, you and your gear are covered by Triathlon Ontario’s insurance policy (you must be a Triathlon Ontario member for this to apply, and this is mandatory as part of a TriMuskoka membership). The insurance policy covers you and the club should anything unfortunate happen to you during a sanctioned workout or event.
    • What are the benefits to attending these workouts?  It is challenging to coach yourself sometimes, especially if you are new to the sport.  Coached workouts take the guess work out of training and trying to improve your fitness and your skill. Our coaches will help you in small groups and often one-on-one to improve.
      • The goal of these scheduled workouts is to provide instructional guidance for all levels of skill, all levels of distances, in a relaxed and social environment that is collegial and supportive.
  • Access to our online workout and social calendar:  We use an online team management website called TeamSnap to manage our team.  All of the workouts, events, statistics, and club daily activity are located on TeamSnap.  Once you register as an active member with TriMuskoka, you will get an invite from our membership coordinator inviting you to join TeamSnap.
  • Access to all club social events: TriMuskoka is very social, and we aim to have at least one social event every other month, sometimes affiliated with a workout, and sometimes just to hang out.  We also have an end of year gathering where everyone’s accomplishments and efforts are celebrated.   Accomplishments should be celebrated by everyone, so that is why members and non-members alike are invited to join in on our social events.
  • Access to club clothing and swag:  Every year, our club has training, racing and social gear available for sale.  Our clothing comes from Roots, Champion Systems racing gear, and Sauce headwear.
    • Access to local deals from our great club sponsors:  Our members also benefit from discounts and offers at a number of our club partners and sponsors.  The benefits range from fitness testing, or discounts on any equipment or nutrition that you need.  These benefits are in our “Members Area” which you will get access to once you join our club.
    • Access to a great group of people: We are a fun and supportive group of people who enjoy the social aspect of the sport as much as the physical challenges that the sport presents.
      • We encourage people to join the club to experience this sport that is so central to our community.


How much does and annual membership cost, and are there different membership types? 

Our annual membership period runs from April 1st of each calendar year to March 31st the following year.  We usually open up membership for the upcoming year in February, and there is usually a membership drive sometime in March where you can come and meet members, ask questions, and sign up if you are interested.

  • Membership:  Membership is $45, which includes access to the team workout schedule and online workouts.  There is extra cost for coached workouts.
    • What are coached workouts?  Our head coach holds a weekly track workout and a spin workout that is designed to progressively improve our fitness, skill and speed with our clubs goal races in mind.  For each 12 week session, the cost of each of the track and spin workouts is $30. 

Interested in joining our club? Want to renew your membership? Follow these two easy steps:

  • Step 1: Register for TriMuskoka Triathlon Club:

    • Click Here On The Image….

    • Follow the online instructions.
      • You will have to create a CCN account if you don’t have one already.
    • If you do not have a current Triathlon Ontario number, you will be prompted to register with Triathlon Ontario
      • What does a Triathlon Ontario Membership get you?  Why is it a good idea regardless of whether you are racing or not?  Click here to see the benefits.  The magazine subscription alone is worth the Triathlon Ontario fee.  If you decide to do a race, then you don’t have to pay the one day race fees, and you will be able to come out to all of our workouts!


  • Step 2: Register and review your profile on TeamSnap:

    • TeamSnap is the online coaching calendar that we use to keep you informed.  It also has, for each of the workouts, a description of what the workout is.  This way if you can’t make it to a workout, you still have the ability to do the workout on your own.  
    • Step A: After you complete your TriMuskoka Membership, you will receive a TeamSnap invitation in your email box. Click the link and register for TeamSnap – it will log you into the TriMuskoka TeamSnap page
    • Step B: If you do not already have the TeamSnap app, download the app (available for both Android and Apple devices) by clicking here.
    • Step C: On your mobile device, open the app and log in (if you haven’t already).  Select the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club, and complete the “New Players” page.  Then click on “My Preferences”.
      • Set “Schedule Reminders” for email to “Games and Events” if it hasn’t already been selected
      • Set “Mobile Notifications” for “Alerts and Schedule Updates” and “Team Chat Messages”.  This will also allow the club managers to alert you of upcoming workouts as well as group instant messaging, which may include last minute changes in locations of workouts or cancellations of a workout due to poor weather.
      • Important: When you set up your profile on the New Player page, please select Add Another Phone Number under the Phone Numbers block. Enter your emergency contact’s phone number. For the Label, enter “Emergency Contact”.


  • Step 3: Sign up for our social media groups to stay in touch and keep it fun
    • The TriMuskoka Triathlon Club Facebook Group: This is a closed group, which means that you will have to request to join the group.  It is not our primary mode of communicating about workouts, but it is a great way to share our experiences, information, tips, and find out about events. Join our TriMuskoka Club Facebook page at
    • Strava…virtually training together and keeping each other motivated This awesome online social fitness community and iphone/android app is a great asset to our club.  It encourages us to get out there, try our very best, and see if we can be better than we were the last time we swam/biked/ran a particular route.  Have a particular rival(s)?  Then use Strava to see if you can edge them off of the leader board?  Who cares if you aren’t the fastest, just as long as you were faster than the last time you went out.  Find that motivation to train, share and compare your performances with your friends (and not necessarily the whole world)
    • Zwift…training together in a virtual world.  Throughout the year, especially during the winter, our club trains online with an amazing online avatar based cycling and running program.  Over the winter, we do our long group ride every Sunday where we are together in person, but cycling in a virtual and snowless world.  Click here to learn more about it and the benefits of this amazing online program.


Membership Benefits

In addition to the benefits of having coached workouts and being a part of a fantastic socially engaged group of like minded individuals, TriMuskoka Triathlon Club members are able to take advantage of offers from some of our local businesses.

 algonquin outfitters

Algonquin Outfitters

Our club members qualify for a members discount at Algonquin Outfitters, your four season outdoor adventure store. They have a fully equipped bike shop with very knowledgeable staff, and everything you need for fun in spring, summer, fall, and winter that involves the out of doors



Not sure that you want to join yet?  Well, try before you buy!

You have a free pass to any two sanctioned club workouts before you have to join.  Our members have all been novices at some point, and many of them are in their first few years of the sport.  If you want to get into the sport, you will not be alone and will be supported all along the way.


Do you have any questions before you sign up?

Please contact our membership coordinator at if you have any additional membership inquiries.