The TriMuskoka Epic Fall Relay Ride

Come join us on Saturday, October 14th at 9am for the inaugural TriMuskoka Epic Relay Fall Ride, where we will have a beautiful, incredible, and fun spin around the big 3 lakes in Muskoka.


In case you didn’t read the first sentence, the ride takes place:

Saturday, October 14th departing at 9am from Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge

From there, the ride sets off on a picturesque spin around Gravenhurst, Bala, Foots Bay, Rosseau, Milford Bay and back to Annie Williams park. The approximate distance of the relay ride is 155km in total. 

Who can participate

This is not a race, just a fun fall ride and a chance to get outside one more time with the awesome fall colours before the white stuff arrives.  Riders of all skill levels and fitness levels are invited to join in on the fun. 

How it works:

  • Number of team members:  Each team can have as little as one (not much of a team though), and as many as eight people.  
    • We recommend 4 or 5 members per team so each team can be in one vehicle. 
  • Do you need to be a TriMuskoka member to participate? No, you don’t, but you need to have at least one club member on your team.  
    • If you don’t know any members and want to get on a team, send an email to our coordinator here .
  • The Team Vehicle:  Teams need to have a team vehicle that can hold the other bikes and team members while one team member is riding.  Decorating the team vehicle is definitely a must!  
  • The Fun Check Points:  There will be check points along the way to keep you honest.  You will have to pick up a pre-identified item, and of course, take a team selfie to make sure you stayed together
  • Divy Up Group Bike Ride SaturdayThe Distances: Since this is totally fun and a great way to get everyone out cycling, regardless of skill or fitness level, you as a team get to divide the ride among your riders.  
    • This means that not everyone has to cycle the same distance, you just have to divide the distances where everyone gets a chance to bike once.
  • Objective:  The teams will relay around a 155km course (map to be provided) and meet back at Annie Williams Park when done.  
  • The After Party:  We will then be having a chance to get together after the ride is done in the park.
    •  Post ride beers will be generously donated by Lake of Bays Brewing Company.  If you want to drink something else, feel free to bring it along!


The legal stuff

This is an unsanctioned event, so it is done at your own risk.  Respect the rules of the road, share the road with the other vehicles and have fun!


What does it cost to participate?

Nada, nil, nothing.  Just help pay the gas money for the person who is driving for the team.  If you have fun, and aren’t part of the TriMuskoka Club, then maybe consider joining our family.  We’d love to have you join us for more fun adventures and training!

Fill out the form below to register your team 

Make note: Registration closes October 7th