The MSCLE Project: Movement for Strength, Conditioning, and active Lifestyles for Everyone

What is the MSCLE Project?

The MSCLE Project is an initiative that stems from TriMuskoka’s founding principles where working towards increased engagement with our community and its members through the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles.
Many of the events that TriMuskoka organizes operate on a not-for-profit platform.  As such, any proceeds that are realized through these events are to be reinvested in our community to keep in line with our clubs guiding principles
We have been trying to come up with a great community give back project that would:
  • promote physical activity and enhance the health and well being of our community as a whole
  • be accessible to everyone
  • have a lasting effect and ongoing presence in the community rather than a one off event
  • be fun
  • be something that young and old, women and men, families, permanent residents and visiting tourists can utilize, and
  • incorporate with the beauty and ruggedness of our area

So, in 2019, we have established The MSCLE Project that will address all of these areas.  The result of this multi-phase project will see the installation of open air fitness stations in central and easily accessible locations.  A phased in approach will be used and over time there will be:

  • stand alone park bench fitness stations
  • body weight open air plyometric and calisthenic gyms
  • a pakour style obstacle course that will be fun and challenging for everyone
  • aerobic workouts that will link all of these together

The total cost of  project will be between $350,000 to $500,000.   But if all goes well, we will continue to install these fitness parks around the community to hopefully come up with a “fitness trail” that connects our community from one end to the other.

Funding for this will primarily be through the profits from the TriMuskokan, as well as other funding opportunities that exist within our community.  However, we will be looking for local and corporate business support, as well as government grants, which will just help us realize our goals sooner.

What are people saying about this project?  Take a read here:

Here are some sample pictures of what the final project elements will look like (subject to change obviously based on space that is allocated for these elements).