The TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon Winter Classic

Who is ready for some mid winter fun that will chase away those February blahs?  Come out to the 4th Annual TriMuskoka Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic, where having no triathlon experience is not only totally fine, it is totally encouraged!


As a way of inspiring and engaging our local community in physical activity, and a sport that is so central to our region, TriMuskoka and Fitt Gym will be hosting the 4th annual Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic that promises to be as much fun as it will be challenging for individuals of all abilities.

The three legs of the Winter Classic are short enough that people will be able to complete the race and be just long enough that participants will be proud of their accomplishments.  Think of this event as that much needed mid-winter carrot to keep yourself active over the course of the winter, so that when spring rolls around, you are rip roaring ready to go for what activities lie ahead of you.

Similar to our TriMuskokan Short Course Triathlon and Try-a-Tri, the focus is on creating a fun and memorable event experience that makes you wanting to provide participants with a challenge, and will leave them with a tremendous sense of accomplishment when they are done.

What Is The Format of the TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon Winter Classic

The Winter Indoor Classic will take place on Sunday, February 9th, 2020 at the Canada Summit Centre.  The triathlon will consist of:

  • The Waves: Start at 8:30am with 12 people in each wave (there are 6 lanes in our pool).  The waves then start every 20 minutes until we run out of participants or the last wave takes off at 10:40am.  If the registration goes bananas, then we might be putting 3 in a lane.
  • The Format:
    • Swim: A 15 minute swim in a 25m pool (two people per lane).  Swim any stroke at any speed, and take as many breaks as you want.
      • Scoring: Each lap is worth 25 points, and a half lap on the last lap is worth 5 points
      • Heck, if you don’t like to swim, just sit at the end of the lane until the 15 minutes is up and then hammer it out on the bike and the run!
    • Bike: A 15 minute bike on a stationary bike provided by Fitt Gym, and there will be music pounding out the beats to keep you motivated.
      • Scoring: Simply put, see how many clicks you can cover the 15 minutes.  (Note: to previous participants, we have a new system this year that is waaaaay easier!)
    • Run: A 15 minute run or walk around the indoor track.  Since it is in the arena, you might want to put a long sleeve shirt on.
      • Scoring: Simply put, the more laps you run, the higher the score you will have at the end.  Each lap (217m for one lap around the track) is worth 27 points
    • The Transitions: Each of the legs will be separated by a 5 minute transition period that will give you time to change (if required) and make your way to the next leg of the event.
      • You will need to change out of your wet bathing suit into dry bike/run clothes for the last two legs
      • For the run, you might want to bring some light gloves and a long sleeved shirt (pants if you really want to) so that you don’t get cold since the track is around the inside of the arena.  It is fresh, but not super cold.
    • The Finish: After each wave is done, we will tally up all the points, and see what your final score is!  There will be a light snack provided at the end of it all.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We can brag all we want about how good this event is, but the honest and best reputation that the indoor tri has comes from the comments and opinions of those outside of our club.  See what the media is saying about the event:

    • The Doppler, a local online media outlet, has covered this event:
    • The Huntsville Forester, our local newspaper, has covered this event:
    • YourTV video from 2018:

Still Need Convincing That You Can Do This?

Sit back and watch the pre-race athlete video that walks you through the event step by step.  Remember, you are only competing against yourself.  So, swim as fast or as slow as you like with whatever stroke you want.  Bike as hard or as leisurely as you like, nobody is judging you on form.  Run or walk or do a mix of both, you are lapping everyone watching from the sidelines!

NOTE:  Everything is the same, but the bike leg is using a different system.  No longer are we using a complicated method to check what your average cadence is and then using a calculation to figure out how far you went.  Starting this year, we have sensors on the bikes that tell us how far you went.  So you adjust the tension, pedal as fast or as slow as you would like, stop if you want to, and see how far you can go!  The rest is the same.

Read All Of The Details

Some people need to read through the fine print to digest it all, but here is this years athlete manual.  This is the 2019 manual to give you a sense of the event… So, take a read.  It has:

  • Schedule of Events
  • Directions to the Canada Summit Centre
  • What to bring with you, and what you need to do before you get changed and out onto the pool deck
  • Everything you need to know about the swim, the bike, and the run
  • The scoring system and awards


And here are the results from the 2019 TriMuskoka Winter Indoor Triathlon click on the link below:

Do you have friends that can’t believe you did a triathlon in the middle of winter?  Check out the awesome photos that we took for proof!



Don’t trust us that this is an awesome event?  See what other people are saying!

Wonder what all the hype is about?  Read all of the reviews, and if you did the indoor tri, please leave us a review!  Click on the Aletha Review Site logo below:


How Do I Register?

You can register online by simply clicking the button below. 

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum number of participants we can have is 108.   Registration closes at midnight on February 7th 2020.

The cost for participation is:

  • Youth 13 years old to 18 years old: $25
  • Adults 19 years old and over:
  • IMPORTANTUnfortunately, we won’t be able to return your money if you can’t make it to the event.

Special registration notes:

  • Want to race in the same wave as someone?  Requests to be placed in the same wave will be accommodated to the best of our ability.  Registrations after January 15th will be less likely to be accommodated as we will have participants allocated into wave by this point.
  • Registration closes on February 7th at midnight.

Insurance and Coverage:

  • For those who do not have an active Triathlon Ontario membership, there will be a one day membership fee ($4 for adults, $2 for youth) that is required when you register for the event.  This will appear in your cart on checkout at the end of registration.

Do You Want To Volunteer For The Event?

Yes, this event needs volunteers too!  Get some great swag, enjoy the post event celebrations and fun at Ontario Pioneer Camp, and get inspired to do the event next year all at the same time!  Email our Race Director at and she will point you in the right direction!

Photos from the TriMuskoka Winter Indoor Triathlon

Take a peek at the photos from prior years!