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Every year, children from around the world come to Muskoka to go to camp. The same features that make Muskoka a great venue for the Ironman Muskoka also make it a destination of choice for a wonderful camp experience. Camp Tawingo (now in its 55th year of operation) has a world-wide reputation in the camping community and prides itself on its quality leadership, beautiful setting and program excellence.

We are pleased to offer one more added value to your Ironman Muskoka experience by providing a wonderful camp experience for your children while you finalize your preparations and participation in the Ironman Muskoka. This balance of excellent experiences for both you and your children assures “Guilt Free Training” for you and “Camp was Great!” for them. Your children are looked after at a world class outdoor camp while you look after your part in a world class outdoor event.

Camp Tawingo is located on Lake Vernon and just minutes from Huntsville. (Transportation is available to and from camp daily.) It operates as a camp during the summer months offering both overnight and day camps for children and teens alike.  It also operates year-round as an independent, private school and an outdoor education centre.

During the Ironman Muskoka, Tawingo is offering you a very flexible day camp format for children, where parents can sign up their children for camp by the individual day or for the entire session spanning the days from August 27th to August 31st.

What are the hours?  The day camp runs each day from 9am until 4:45pm

How far is Camp Tawingo from Huntsville?  Camp Tawingo is a 10 to 15 minute drive from downtown Huntsville.  But better yet, they have a shuttle that will come get kids in town at a central location in downtown Huntsville, and then drop them off!  How sweet is that!!!  Drop the kids off, then go out for coffee, enjoy the day, do a little last minute training, and then pick them up!

How much does it cost?

You can register your kids for one day, or for all five days!  Each day is $60, and the “Full Five” is $270.  Kids will receive a hot lunch (they have amazing food there) and two snacks.  They will also receive a ton of memories that will last them a lifetime, and probably will beg you to come back again next year.

Have we twisted your arm enough? Honestly, camp life is part of Muskoka life.  If you and your family truly want the full Muskoka experience, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Second Session 2012 – Slideshow from Camp Tawingo on Vimeo.

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