Swimming – Races

With an abundance of lakes in the area, swimming is something that everyone in our community participates in.  There are some swimming events that take place that we would love to invite you to participate in.

Swim for Hospice

Date: August 12, 2018

Swim for HospiceFeaturing 1km, 2km, and 3km distances for any age that believes that they can safely swim that distance (yes, personal floatation devices are allowed!), this event is one that truly benefits every single person in our community.  Everybody dies at some point or another in their life, and Hospice Huntsville helps people die in their home or at our residential hospice comfortably and with dignity.

Read more about it on the Swim for Hospice Website


Swim for Healthcare – 70.3 Race Weekend

Date: July 7, 2018

The Sunrise Swim provides swimmers with a chance to preview the first leg of the swim of the 70.3, and also benefits local charities.  This year's charity partner is the Huntsville Hospital Foundation (HHF).  

Often in the first leg of the 70.3 swim, athletes want to get their bearings with respect to landmarks for sighting, strategies on how they are going to approach the initial leg of the swim, and to get comfortable with the surrounding environment.  This is an excellent way to swim this part of the course, with the support of kayaks and boats in a non-competitive fun environment, on the day before the 70.3 Muskoka.  Participants will arrive at the start line the next morning fresh, confident and ready to go!

Read more about it on the Swim for Healthcare Page