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Our Club Members Picks for What To See and Do In Huntsville and Lake of Bays

Whether you’ve been training, racing, coaching, volunteering or cheering at The TriMuskokan, the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, or any number of the other endurance sporting events our area has to offer, you deserve a break.

Set some time aside to visit any number of the natural attractions that our area has to offer and realize why people from all over the world flock to the Muskoka region, and National Geographic named is as the number one “Best Summer Trips of 2011“, and the honour was repeated in 2012.  Muskoka was also quoted in their publication, “100 Places That Can Change Your Childs Life” with any number of the amazing outdoor camps that exist here in the Muskoka region.


Outdoor Kids Camps

Guilt Free Training: Send Your Kids To Camp!

Most of our TriMuskoka Triathlon Club members have families with young kids. So, sneaking in that training swim, ride, or run often means compromising family time.

With this compromise, there often comes guilt that you are spending time away from your family.But alas, we have a “Made in Muskoka” solution for you to get in some “guilt free” training time.

Think about this…you drop the kids off at any of our camps, such as Camp TawingoOntario Pioneer Camp, or Camp Mini-Yo-Wee, and enjoy a week of exploring the vast training ground that our area has to offer. The kids will be having so much fun exploring and playing in the great outdoors, sleeping underneath the stars, and singing songs around the campfire that they won’t even notice you aren’t there.

A number of these camps offer a day camp option, which means that the kids sign up for a week of camp, but you drop them off in the morning, and then pick them up in the late afternoon…  perfect for the family holiday where you want to give the kids an awesome Muskoka experience, and then hang out in the evening around the family bonfire roasting marshmallows.

Meanwhile, you can cozy up in a cottage rental, a bed and breakfast, a hotel room, or even your own tent under the stars to have a little time of your own.

Culinary Adventures

Culinary Adventures in Muskoka

Since our club is as much social as it is serious, why not take in a mini-brewery tour of the area.

With four fantastic microbreweries in the area, you can’t go wrong. There is Lake of Bays Brewery, Muskoka Brewery, Sawdust City Brewing Company, and Highlander Brew Company in the area. There are even two beer and music festivals in Bracebridge (August 5) and Huntsville (May 20) each summer.

We have a number of incredible restaurants, thanks to our incredible visitors that flock to the area every year.  Some of our clubs favorites include Muskoka on the Rocks (where we start and end our Thursday night rides for beer and wings), 3 Guys and a Stove, Little Place by the Lights, Bo’s Thai, and Mill on Main to name a few.

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

The Huntsville Festival of the Arts is a local organization that coordinates most of the artistic events that happen in Huntsville both out in the open and in our state of the art Huntsville Theatre right in Downtown Huntsville.

Nuit Blanche:  This is an outdoor celebration of the arts in our community.  The downtown comes alive with performing artists, buskers, painters, sculptors, and so much more.  Come down and see what our arts community has to offer!

Algonquin Theatre:  This state of the art theatre

Celestial Cinema:  During the summer months we have a movie experience underneath the stars in River Mill Park which is situated in the downtown core just behind Main Street.  Bring your picnic blanket and enjoy the show!

Downtown Events and Festivities:  Watch our downtown come alive with street festivals, concerts in the park, parades, and so much more.

Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery: Explore how the Group of Seven, Canada’s celebrated painters, tried to capture the landscape in this self-guided tour’s 90 larger-than-life mural replicas of the group’s work.

Outdoor Adventures

Get Out And Explore The Great Outdoors

Get outside and play in the great outdoors.  This is why so many visitors from around the world come to our area as the beauty of our area is unparalleled anywhere.

Hiking, Trail Riding, and General Outdoor Awesomeness:

Algonquin Park:  Arguably one of the best known parks in Canada for hiking, paddling, camping, and anything out of doors.  There are two fine dining restaurants in the part (Bartlett Lodge and Arowhon Pines) if you don’t want to rough it.  Athletes will love the park as Hwy 60 has beautiful 4′ paved shoulders where you can bike anywhere along the 60km stretch of road.  Tackle a local favourite ride….the gate to gate to gate ride!  Start at either end of the park and ride to the other gate and bike for a 120km return trip!

Arrowhead Park:  There is so much to do in this park that is less than 10 minutes from downtown Huntsville.  There are a lot of great hiking trails, trail biking trails, fishing, and camping experiences to be had!

Limberlost Nature Reserve has a vast array of hiking and trail riding (and running for that matter) opportunities in this privately owned and operated parcel of Muskoka.  The Reserve was home to the Muskoka Grind Off Road Triathlon, which provided athletes with a one of a kind off road challenge!

The Dorset Tower Lookout is a must do for most people coming to the area.  Climb the tower to the top and take a view of the area from a completely different vantage point.  The Tower is right on the 70.3 bike course, so you can do a little course recon at the same time!

If you don’t have a mountain bike, consider renting one from either Algonquin Outfitters or The Bike Shop in Huntsville.

Explore The Wet Side of Muskoka

With 5 major lakes that Huntsville is located around, there are lots of options to get out for a day on the water and explore the Huntsville area from a different vantage point.

Explore the area by water under your own steam by  renting a stand up paddleboard (SUP), Kayak and Canoe from Algonquin Outfitters.

However, if you want to zoom around in a fancy water machine or see more of the lake system in the area, consider renting one from Huntsville Marine.  Many locals, and visitors for that matter, pack a picnic and take their family out for a “day on the boat” to cruise around the lake.   Stop and eat in the middle of the lake, jump in for a dip when you get hot, and then get back in to explore a bit more.


There’s always time to squeeze in a round on some of our region’s stunning links. Whether they carve through granite, hug a shoreline, or occupy an entire island, more than 30 local courses offer spectacular views and challenging holes for players of all abilities.

Explore our history

Explore Our Local History

Muskoka has been a place that was a gem that was tucked away in Ontario for many years.  In fact, it was a place that the government sent immigrant settlers to come and try to farm, full well knowing that the terrain was not amenable to farming.  However, what was quickly realized was the Muskoka landscape was like no other and had a way of creating an emotional attachment to anyone who comes to visit.  So, take a trip back in history and discover our roots with some of these local activities that bring you back to the early Muskoka days.

Immerse yourself in the day to day life of Muskoka settlers at the Muskoka Heritage Place and Train Association

Take a lake cruise on one of the historic steamships that used to bring settlers to their cottages and homes on the remote parts of the lake.  If you are lucky enough to take part in one of their kids cruises (pirates, princesses, and astronauts aboard!), they are super fun!


Family Fun

Fun Things To Do With Your Family

Keeping the kids engaged sometimes can be a challenge, but here are some family friendly activities that our clubs members families like to partake in as a “local outing”!

Being a kid, they love playing on play structures, swinging on swings, and running around playing tag or imagining they are on a pirate ship on them.  There are a number of play structures in town, including two right on the run course, River Mill Park and Meadow Park, if you want to watch from there so the kids can be busy and happy during the race while you watch.  For a complete list of local play grounds and their locations, click here.  Use the interactive map tool to see exactly where they are.

Where there is water, there are beaches.  And there are a number of in town beaches that are family friendly, great for kids to splash around in with gentle sandy shorelines.  Our favorites are Port Sydney Beach, Avery Beach, Hutcheson Beach, and even Camp Kitchen, where the swim start for The TriMuskokan, Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, and our Sunrise Swim for Hospice take place.

The Capitol Theatre: This is our local theatre that has new releases coming every week.  With two state of the art theatres, that still has the small town theatre charm, this is a guaranteed hit for the whole family

If your kids have their scooters, bikes, rollerblades, skateboards or just want to run around in the Rotary Club Skate Park, the kids will have hours of fun here.  Local kids are very polite and respectable of kids of all ages that come here to have some fun.

The Huntsville Bowling Alley:  What kid doesn’t like bowling?  Well, what adult doesn’t either!  Our six lane bowling alley, complete with one of the most historical eateries in Huntsville (Tastee Cream) is a ton of fun.  Make sure you call ahead to see if you need a reservation as it is a popular spot in town!

Deerhurst Resorts Splash Zone waterpark.  If you are not staying on site at Deerhurst, consider purchasing a daily pass for the waterpark which will be a ton of fun, and wear the kids out.  Guaranteed.

With so many maple trees here in Huntsville, we have a constant supply of maple syrup.  No, there aren’t any little gnomes working in underground mines digging up syrup crystals…rather the sap flows out of our trees every spring and our local businesses work super hard to make top quality syrup.  One of the best producers in the area, that has tours, is Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm.  Check them out!

Chartered Fishing Trips: Lots of freshwater lakes means lots of freshwater fishing!  Check out one of the charter companies here.

Get out on the water and learn how to ride the water!  There are a couple of great companies in Muskoka that can teach you how to waterski and wakeboard!

Take the kids out to Johnsons Cranberry Farm where there is lots of fun to be had, especially around the time of the harvest in the fall!

Similar to the many lakes comment, there are a lot of trees here too!  So get up on top of the canopy and have a great time with a ziplining and tree top trekking adventure!

Santa’s Village: Christmas happens all summer long in Muskoka!  Come see how Santa and his elves spend their off-season at Santa’s Village.

Winter Escapades

Winter Escapades

Our community is well known for our summers, relaxing by the lake, hiking through the woods, and all kinds of summer activities.  However, a lot of people forget that there is so much to do here in the winter!

Arrowhead Park:  As much fun as Arrowhead is in the summer, it is almost more fun in the winter.  It is the home to Ontario’s premier skating trail that winds through the campground area.

Arrowhead Park is also home to the Arrowhead Nordic Centre which has a large system of cross country (skate and classic) trails, a large tubing hill, and fantastic snowshoe trails for all abilities.  The ANC also plays host to the internationally renowned Muskoka Loppet.

There is fantastic cross country skiing at Limberlost Nature Reserve, as well as a vast array of snowshoe trails.

Downhill ski enthusiasts will get their fist at Hidden Valley Ski Resort, which is just minutes from downtown.



For more information on area events and activities, visit these other tourism websites: