Training Routes

In Ontario, it is hard to find a place that is better suited to endurance sports training than Muskoka.  Challenging hills, well maintained quiet back country roads, and multitudes of clean fresh water lakes make this what we like to call “Disneyland for endurance athletes”.

Compiled by members and coaches of the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club, each of these areas have suggested locations and routes for athletes to explore.  We love to see other people up enjoying the beauty and the challenge of what we are so lucky to call home.


StravaStrava:  Many of these routes use Strava, which is a GPS tracking program that is web based, but also has great apps for Apple and Android devices.  There are many “segments” that challenge athletes to see how they measure up against other people who have trained in the area.  Check it out, it is a great way to track your workouts, and see how you measure up against other people that are just like you.  For more information about Strava, visit their website, or download their app for your device here.  You can also use your current GPS device and upload it to their site.

Training Safety in the Muskoka Region

With the curving roads passing through forests and rock cuts, and the crystal clear lake waters that dot the Muskoka landscape, there are a few simple rules that local and visiting athletes should try to abide by.  Put together by our coaches, our members, members of our local emergency medical services, and community members so that athletes are safe when training in Muskoka. 



With hundreds of pristine lakes nestled in amongst the rolling hills of Muskoka, there are ample opportunities and locations for athletes and visitors to do open water swim training.  Click here to see some of our favorite locations to do some swim training.



Nothing beats cycling down a quiet country road by yourself or with your friends, passing through forests and towering rock cuts with breathtaking vistas of our lakes. 

From short and speedy routes to long distance rides, click here to view some of our favorite bike routes.



The back streets and hills of Muskoka beckon athletes to push themselves to become stronger and faster athletes.  There is no shortage of challenge here, both on the road and on the trails. 

From long runs to hill workout locations, click here to view some of our local favorite running routes.