With our roads cut right through majestic granite rock cuts and the forests that make up the Canadian Shield, cycling in Muskoka is a as much of a visually engaging environment as it is a challenge.  Roads pass by small lakes, ancient forests, and through small inviting communities.  Take a look at some of our favorite cycling routes.

One of the challenges of the roads in Muskoka is that there are a lot of ups and towns and bends in the road.  This can make it difficult for cars and trucks to see down the road from you and your cycling group at certain points.

Please try to “Ride How You Race”, and ride in a single file, and pass each other when visibility for you and the cars is adequate on straight aways.  Vehicles want to give you room, but they don’t always have time to react if they pass you on the bends and they suddenly see an oncoming vehicle.  Please read more on our Training Safety in Muskoka page.

If you are in the area and want to join our TriMuskoka Triathlon Club cycling workouts, we would love to have you out.

Limberlost Road (Out and Back)

Limberlost Road is a favorite of locals, and hosts an informal cycling night on Thursday nights (non-sanctioned, non-club related). There are often several cyclists out for the Thursday evening ride.

Limberlost offers rolling terrain with excellent scenery. The pavement is very good, but the pavement past the Olympia Camp at Dotty Lake can have some sand or gravel in patches early in the season. By mid summer, the Camp Lake landing is an excellent place for a swim and short break at the half-way point of the ride. There are several popular Strava segments on this route, including several climbs and the long winding decent from Walker Lake to Highway 60, where the ride finishes.

Click here for a link to the Strava Map of this routes location and information.

Algonquin Park Gate to Gate

Iconic and world renowned Algonquin Park, despite being a Provincial Highway, is a fantastic place to cycle.  The pavement is very good (re-surfaced in 2013) with wide paved shoulders.

There are great opportunities for wildlife viewing, excellent scenery, while the elevation change makes for challenging ride.  Leave early to miss most of the traffic, and get some breath taking sunrise vistas over any number of the lakes that you will pass by while you ride.

If you are parking at the Visitors Centre, you will have to buy a day pass.  However, if you park in Dwight and bike into the park (adds another 20km each way), then you won't.  There are some businesses along the way that you could probably park at as well.

Click here for a link to the Strava map and route information.

Huntsville to Sprucedale

This route, with a maximum distance of 112km return, heads away from Huntsville and passes through forests and fields along quiet country roads. Along the way, cyclists will pass through the two small villages of Ilfracombe and Sprucedale, you will truly feel as if you are lost in Muskoka.  Stop and have a swim in Buck Lake at Ilfracombe, or make a trip out of it as many of our local members bike out to Sprucedale to their hotel to have breakfast!  The pavement is in great shape, which will make the trip that much more enjoyable.

Click here to look at the route map on Strava.

Dwight to Canarvon

This out and back route is truly one of the most awe inspiring routes in Muskoka.   A 105km out and back route is classic Muskoka as it passes through majestic rock cuts and past glistening lakes along some fantastic pavement with shoulders for the majority of the way. This is a local favorite route.

Click here to view the route map on Strava.

Skeleton Lake Loop

Heading out into the Muskoka Lakes and around Skeleton Lake offers cyclists fantastic lakeside vistas as athletes pass through the tree lined highways that make up the back roads of Muskoka.  This is a 93.5km route that has typical rolling hills for Muskoka, but remember, what goes up, must come down.

Click here to view the route map on Strava.

Britannia Road Loop

Another popular loop that is 33.6km, but has some great challenging hills on Brittania Road. Heading down Brunel, there is great pavement with paved shoulders, and then you turn onto Brittania, which is well maintained and a quiet cottage road. You then turn onto South Portage and head along the final stretch of the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka route.

Click here to view the route map on Strava.

Harp Lake Road Loop

Don't be fooled by this 27km loop.  It is vertically challenging, but if you are in a group of friends, this makes for a fun time trial cycling loop, or is great if you want a great strength workout and hill technique workout.

Click here for the route map on Strava.