The quiet back streets in our community invite you to run through beautiful forests, along a lakes waters edge, or up an escarpment to a place that has breath-taking views of our community.

But, running is not limited to just the road.  We have an extensive system of trails that you are free to explore as well.  There are no shortage of hills for your hill workouts, and our rubberized track (click here for location) are also available for you to use.


Hill Workouts Muskoka Style

Yes, Muskoka has its fair share of hills, but here are a couple of places where the local athletes go to do their "hill workouts".

Williamsport Out and Back

This is a section of the first rendition of IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka and has nice wide shoulders on Muskoka Rd 3. After turning onto Williamsport Road, the road is tree lined for some shade and flat so you can turn up the speed. As this is an out and back, turn around anywhere you want for a longer or a shorter version of this route.

Click here to view the route map on Strava.

Band on The Run (Huntsville Half Marathon)

This popular event that is held each June has a great reputation for being a fantastic party as much as it is a fantastic race course.  Snaking away from downtown Huntsville onto the quiet back streets of our community, this course is as scenic as it is challenging.  Shorten the course to a 5km loop (turn down Shay Dr from Hanes), or 10km (turn around at Muskoka Road 3N) route, and this is a truly classic Muskokan running experience.  Visit the race website for more details.

Click here to view the running route on Strava.

Limberlost Nature Reserve (Trail Running)

Arguably, for some of the best trail running in Muskoka, and the site of the Limberlost Challenge Trail Running Race, this naturally secluded and protected area is heaven for trail running. Please be respectful of the area and stay on the trails as are laid out in the trail map that is available at the trail head shack.  There are many private cottages in the area, and we ask that you respect their privacy as much as you can while you enjoy the serene beauty that the Limberlost Nature Reserve has to offer.

View the Limberlost Nature Reserve website here for more details.  For more about the Limberlost Challenge trail running race, click here.

Lions Lookout Loop

Those up for a short 1.6km loop that offers up a decent hill (up and down) in both direction, running through our natural granite amphitheatre, then up on a mid loop out and back up to Lions Lookout for breathtaking vistas of Fairy Lake will love this loop that can be done over an over.

The Lions Lookout Trail can be accessed at the Forbes Hill Dr and Camp Kitchen Road intersection behind the Active Living Centre at the Canada Summit Centre. The trail follows Camp Kitchen Road along the Muskoka River to Fairy Lake. It then crosses the Portage Flyer railway tracks and heads up a steep slope to the top of the sports track. The trail continues around the track and along the roadway to Forbes Hill Dr. The view from the top of the track across Fairy Lake is magnificent.

Click here to view the map of this routes location.

Hunters Bay Trail

The Hunters Bay Trail is a 3.8km hard packed trail that follows along the southeastern part of Lake Vernon as it heads into town.

Located right close to town, this is a great option for a quick run, and the nice thing is that if you get too hot on a summers day, there is Avery Beach at the midway point where you can jump in to quickly cool off.  TriMuskoka members sometimes use this location for an atypical swim-run-repeat brick.

Click here to look at the map of its location.