Our Future


Making our community a better place to live

Muskoka Kids Triathlon - TriMuskokaThe TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is not just a group of great individuals who like to train, race, and relax together.  We work hard to provide opportunities to make our community more vibrant, more active, and healthier.   We follow the True Sport principles, which includes finding ways to show our appreciation for our community that supports our sport and helps make it possible.

Since our inception in 2010, we have helped bring new events, and strengthen existing events, to the Muskoka region.  We partnered Element Racing to bring the incredible off road triathlon, the Muskoka Grind, to the Limberlost Nature Reserve.   We have worked with Trisport Canada to bring Ironman Muskoka to Huntsville, and we have seen a considerable increase in the reputation, the registration, and the excitement around our Ironman 70.3 Muskoka event.Swim for Hospice - TriMuskoka

We also partner with Hospice Huntsville, which is a charitable organization that provides end of life care in the Muskoka region.  As a club, we work with Hospice to help raise money through their annual Swim for Hospice event, which help them fundraise the necessary funds that are required to operate this vital service in our community and provide quality end of life care to our community residents.

Inspiring our community to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

As a True Sport community, we encourage commuity members to rise to the challenge of physical activity either on their own or as a part of our TriMuskoka Triathlon Club.  The True Sport principles encourage physical activity to happen in a fun, respectful, inclusive, supportive, and safe manner.

The TriMuskokan - TriMuskokaThe TriMuskoka Triathlon Club has two homegrown grassroots events that are perfect for anyone who is tri-curious, new to the sport, or is a seasoned veteran.  Our signature summer event, The TriMuskoka Short Course Triathlon and Try-a-Tri, has two event distances which provides options for everyone in both individual and relay categories.  This event, along with our supportive and inclusive coached club workouts, embraces every element that our area has to offer…the clean lakes, our safe roads, forested trails, the historic and new facilities around the Canada Summit Centre, and of course some hills.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to live in Ontario’s undisputed triathlon premiere destination.

TriMuskoka Winter Indoor Triathlon Bike 99The second event that we have is our TriMuskoka Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic, which is held in February as a way to provide an opportunity for “newbies” to participate in the sport of triathlon in a safe and controlled environment.  Not to mention that it is a lot of fun.  “Super Wicked Fun” is what we officially claim the event to be, and this years participants were not disappointed.

The TriMuskoka Triathlon Club works hard to provide opportunities, such as The TriMuskokan and our Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic, for our community members, both young and old, to become healthier and happier through participation in sport.

Encouraging local residents to challenge themselves in the sport of triathlon

Aside from our events, the TriMuskoka Triathlon Club remains first and foremost a club.  Our club is as much social as it is serious, and this is why we believe we have such a large number of our members who are very new to the sport and enjoy training with TriMuskoka because we are supportive and inclusive of everyone regardless of physical ability, fitness level, or competitiveness.

We are like a big family, where everyones achievements, no matter how big or small, are celebrated equally.

Our workouts are all led by a professional staff of coaches who are passionate about the sport, and want to see our club members to achieve the goals that our members set for themselves.  Whether it is their first try-a-tri or their fiftieth Ironman, our club is there for our members every step, stroke, and pedal revolution of the way.  Read more about our club under the “Club” item in the top menu.

Helping our community develop as an endurance sports tourism destination

TriMuskoka is also involved in a number of community initiatives including Bike Muskoka which is promoting the safe practises of typing on the road to Muskoka as well as the development of cycling infrastructure and a comprehensive network of cycling routes across the Muskoka region.  Don’t forget to come up to do their fantastic event in the end of May called “Spin the Lakes“.

Our club is actively working on several projects, in partnership with other organizations, to help provide an incredibly beautiful, and equally challenging, natural training facility that our area is so suited for.   TriMuskoka has spearheaded several projects to create events (the Trimuskokan, the TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon, and the Sunrise Swim for Hospice) and opportunities that promote health and wellness of our community members, that promote physical activity and literacy for all community members regardless of age, and to help engage athletes and their support team members with respect to endruance sports and triathlon in Muskoka.